The Solution Series

    BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People

    by The Sharp Edge We’ve all heard the infamous World Economic Forum phrase “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”  But how do global elites and central bankers intend to roll out this diabolical scheme?  Well, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) mapped it out in their recently published report on a proposed “unified ledger” called, “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new.” Watch Dig It! episode 194 for a detailed breakdown of this report, where we get into the logistics, how they will incrementally try to pull this off, how much energy will be required to do so, how long this will take, and what other aspects tie into this. It is a must watch! Control of All Assets In simple terms, the BIS’ blueprint proposes that all private property in the real world, such as money, houses, cars, etc., would be “tokenised” into…

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