The Solution Series

    Don’t Miss The Health Freedom Summit March 10-12, 2022

    Two years ago, a state of emergency was created. At first, many people were confused. It is now obvious that our altruistic nature to serve our neighbor was manipulated. It’s clear our rights were systematically turned into privileges. But the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are more important in a state of emergency. Mandates that restrict free speech, free movement, or free commerce always result in unnecessary loss. Free speech, uncensored information, and the ability to act quickly without restraint become more important. I invite you to join me for a strategy event designed to inform and equip as many people as possible as we pass landmark legislation and take community action to ensure our rights are never turned into privileges again. If the Constitution and the Bill of Rights can be canceled by a state of emergency, guess what we’re going to have? Perpetual Emergencies. This is why…

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