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    Why Self-Driving Cars Are NOT The Future

    By Zack Pack It seems like self-driving cars have always been the hot item for disruptive innovators in the auto industry. The image of sitting back, Minority Report style, in a sleek new vehicle with an AI-powered robot that effortlessly guides your car across town has bewitched many starry-eyed investors. In fact, over $100 billion dollars have been invested in self-driving technology since it was first seriously proposed. But what have these hopeful investors received for their money besides some flashy tech showcases? Why have self-driving cars been so difficult to go mainstream? Critics point to the technology as being deficient. It’s nearly impossible for computers to understand all the real-world nuances that human drivers must interpret each time they take the wheel. Poorly paved roads, unpainted lines, a fallen tree… for human beings these are things we can quickly recognize and adapt to. For even the most sophisticated AI…

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    A Clearer Breakdown of What This Infrastructure Bill Is Really Funding

    On November 5, 2021, Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (H.R.3684) which was signed by the President on November 15. Yet another $1.2 trillion in nefarious “investments” to keep the money presses rolling. Most media sources summarize the 2740-page bill by lumping everything into spending categories, while leaving out some of the most critical data that shows what they really intend to fund. This report breaks down several key data and funding points, while drawing attention to some of the more questionable allocations. This Infrastructure Bill also reveals how the entire transportation system is going to have control over what everyone drives including vehicle-to-grid 5G technology with kill switches installed, when they drive, access to transportation, an integrated payment system including a per-mile driving fee, the evolution of autonomous vehicles, buses, truck lines, and Amtrak’s expansion to reduce vehicles on the road. This bill boasts 27 pilot programs…

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