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12 HUGE Bombshells in One Week – But, “Nothing’s Happening?”

Twelve HUGE, damning bombshells dropped this week, spinning this storm into high gear. From the Lisa Page transcripts to McCain’s connection to the dossier, a grand jury investigation into Facebook, massive NXIVM updates, Jeffrey Epstein back on the chopping block, and Andrew Weisman leaving special counsel. And, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was preparing her audition for her role as a congresswoman for New York, Paul Ryan was sabotaging democrat subpoenas. Meanwhile, Hollywood’s being sliced and diced for paying off colleges and Ivy League Schools to get their children admitted. Of course, this is only the beginning of investigations into nefarious actions taking place in the upper echelons of colleges, and it’s safe to say, politicians will surely make the list.

Who could forget the terrorist training camp discovered in New Mexico last year, where they had loads of guns and ammunition, along with a deceased child? The court dismissed three of the five, creating one hell of a stir in this country. Now, there is a superseding indictment charging all five with conspiracy to attack and kill officers and employees of the United States, along with multiple other charges.

While Congressman Jim Jordan was busy calling out Adam Schiff in a twitter frenzy this week, the Democrats, along with 12 Republicans voted to block the President’s emergency at the southern border, which Trump immediately vetoed the following day, in his first veto as President.

But, “nothing’s happening,” right? Buckle up – this party is just getting started.

12 HUGE Bombshells   

#1 NXIVM Sex Cult Superseding Indictment & Nancy Salzman Plea Deal

It was a very telling week in the NXIVM case. For those still not familiar with this case, get familiar. There are a lot of top players involved, who connect with countless other big-league players, and it’s all about controlling the system, manipulating and blackmailing high-ranking individuals and corporations, as well as child sex trafficking and female adults being branded after sexual interactions with their harem “leader” Keith Raniere.

Some big updates dropped this week, and Nancy Salzman, NXIVM’s president pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy, after agreeing to a plea deal. This plea deal comes with her cooperation with the federal government in this case, and she could also be facing up to 41 months in prison. Her sentencing will not take place until July 10th. She admitted in court that she obtained passwords and user names to monitor NXIVM enemies and members suspected of being moles.

Her daughter Laura Salzman is also charged in this case, and is facing up to 20-years in prison. Sadly, Nancy brought her daughter into the NXIVM life when she was just a child, and Laura, like her mother, were both part of his harem. She spent her adult life as a top leader for NXIVM, while awaiting Raniere to impregnate her, which never happened.

On Wednesday evening, following the guilty plea of Nancy Salzman, new allegations against Keith Raniere were announced in a superseding indictment by federal prosecutors. They allege that NXIVM had a smaller group known as DOS, where women extorted recruits into unpaid labor and sexual relationships with Raniere. They also accuse Raniere having sexual relations with two underage girls, one of which became his first-line slave in DOS. In addition, they allege he coerced a minor to “engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing one or more visual depictions of such conduct.” In other words, he produced child pornography.

Prosecutors claim they have communications between the girl and Raniere, as well as images. They also state that other defendants in the case “were aware of and facilitated Raniere’s sexual relationships with the two underage victims.”

There were four additional racketeering acts in the superseding indictment for Keith Raniere: one alleging visa fraud, one alleging possession of child pornography, and two alleging sexual exploitation of a child. Mack, Bronfman and Lauren also have one count of racketeering added to their charges.

Smallville actress Allison Mack, also has charges against her for sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud or coercion, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion, and attempt to establish peonage, slavery, involuntary servitude, and human trafficking.

Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell are also charged in this case, and future indictments of others may take place as the trial date nears. The NXIVM trial is scheduled to begin on April 29, 2019.

#2 Facebook Under Criminal Investigation

A New York grand jury has subpoenaed two well-known smartphone makers for records relating to this investigation. Federal prosecutors are investigating Facebook’s data sharing deals with large technology companies. Facebook had data-sharing arrangements with more than 150 companies which benefited both Facebook to gain more users, and the companies to gain access to users data.

Facebook was already being investigated nearly a year ago for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, whereby they obtained personal data of up to 87 million Americans. It seems the investigations have continued, and escalated.

#3 Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Hired Actress with Socialist Handlers

Mr. Reagan, published a video on social media, breaking down how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of many actresses auditioning for ‘Justice Democrats’ – an organization that recruits actresses to run for political positions, so they can fulfill their agenda. Titled ‘The Real Brains Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,’ he reveals that Justice Democrats held auditions in 2017 for potential congressional candidates they wanted to run on their platform. They put out a casting call in 2016 and AOC’s brother submitted her for the “nomination”.

Alexandra Rojas, Executive Director for Justice Democrats conveyed that “they had received over 10,000 nominations, and out of those, they found Alexandria.” They don’t even try to hide this. AOC has no political background whatsoever. So, who’s running the show and pulling the strings for her social media platforms, interviews, and documents being drafted up?

AOC is a puppet congresswoman with dangerous handlers including Saikat Chakrabarti, and the mastermind behind it all – Cenk Uygur. This video is packed full of evidence, and anyone who has followed AOC can easily make these connections. Her staff has an extremely socialist agenda.

This video spread like wildfire, reaching over 1.5 millions views in under a week, as well as mainstream news. This is a MUST WATCH:

AOC’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti saw this video for himself and responded in a twitter thread, claiming that AOC writes her own speeches, controls her own social media, isn’t coached, and is a very intelligent woman who can talk about policy issues in depth for hours because “she really knows what she’s talking about.”

As Chakrabarti makes these claims, he is facing an FEC complaint filed against him alleging that he funneled nearly $1 million in contributions from political action committees that he established to private companies that he also controlled.

#4 Ex-FBI Lisa Page’s Revealing Transcripts Released

The House Judiciary Committee Republicans released 205 pages of transcripts from Ex-FBI attorney Lisa Page’s closed-door interview last year. Social media platforms quickly propagated with numerous discrepancies between her testimony and others who had testified, throwing timelines into the wind, revealing a text that indicated there was an “insurance policy” against then-candidate Donald Trump. Her testimony also indicated the Obama administration’s role in letting Hillary Clinton off the hook for her alleged handling of classified information.

What’s most interesting, is her statement in the transcript regarding agents also criticizing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as reported by the Washington Post.

“Many of us in law enforcement dislike the subject of our investigations. We are not keen on pedophiles and fraudsters and spies and human traffickers. That is fine. What would be impermissible is to take that harsh language and to act in some way that was illegal or against the rules. And we don’t do it.”

Even president Trump chimed in on the release, and added, “Much more to come!” – leaving many hopeful that additional declassified documents will drop soon.

The just revealed FBI Agent Lisa Page transcripts make the Obama Justice Department look exactly like it was, a broken and corrupt machine. Hopefully, justice will finally be served. Much more to come!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 13, 2019

#5 Late Senator McCain’s Role in Spygate Scandal

Jeff Carlson, a journalist for Epoch Times, dropped a doozy of a report on Friday regarding David Kramer’s unsealed deposition, who is a longtime associate of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz). Kramer had contact with at least 14 members of the media regarding the Steele dossier (unverified allegations against Donald Trump during his campaign).

Carlson took to twitter to lay out the timeline from his report, indicating McCain’s ties, as well as others.

Jeff Carlson (@themarketswork) March 15, 2019:

David Kramer provided updates to Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, former MI6 spy and dossier author Christopher Steele, and other members of the media regarding McCain’s meeting with FBI Director James Comey. Kramer revealed he had contact with at least 14 members of the media regarding the Steele dossier. The contacts are included in the report. Kramer gave a full copy of the unverified dossier to National Security Council member Celeste Wallander, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Speaker Paul Ryank’s CoS, Jonathan Burks. He confirmed he was BuzzFeed News’ source for the dossier that BuzzFeed published on January 10, 2017. McCain denied every providing a copy of the dossier to BuzzFeed.

Steele had produced a final memo dated December 13, 2016. According to UK court documents, Kramer, on behalf of McCain, had asked Steel to provide any further intelligence that he had gathered relating to “alleged Russian interference in the US Presidential election.” Notably, it appears it was this request from McCain that led Steele to produce this Dec. 13 memo. Although Kramer did not provide a date, he said he received the final Steele memo sometime after “Senator McCain had provided the dossier to Directory Comey.”

Kramer showed a copy of the dossier to BuzzFeed News reporter Ken Bensinger on December 29, 2016, during a meeting at the McCain Institute, which was closed for the holiday that entire week. Kramer testified that Bensinger “asked me if he could take photos of them on his–I assume it was an iPhone. I asked him not to. He said he was a slow reader, he wanted to read it. And so I said, you know, I got a phone call to make, and I had to go to the bathroom…”

On January 5, 2017, Obama held an undisclosed White House meeting to discuss the ICA – and the attached summation of the dossier – with National Security Advisor Susan Rice, FBI Directory James Comey, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. The following day Comey then met with President-elect Trump to inform him of the dossier. Comey would only inform Trump of the “salacious” details contained within the dossier.

Shortly after Comey’s meeting with Trump, both the meeting and the existence of the dossier were leaked to CNN. Comey: “Media like CNN had them and were looking for a news hook. I said it was important that we not give them the excuse to write that the FBI had the material.

On January 10, 2017, CNN disclosed the existence of the dossier and Comey’s briefing. Immediately following the CNN story, BuzzFeed published the Steele dossier. When this happened, Kramer said, “I believe my words were ‘Holy shit.’” Kramer had been meeting with The Guardian’s Julian Borger when CNN reported on the dossier, and he quickly spoke with Steele, who “was shocked.”

The following day, January 11, 2017, Clapper issued a statement condemning the leaks – without revealing the fact that he was the source of the leak to CNN. In August 2017, CNN hired Clapper as its national security analyst.

#6 Federal Court Moves to Unseal Documents in Jeffrey Epstein Alleged Sex Trafficking Operation

On Monday, a federal court of appeals in New York gave multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his former partner Ghislaine Maxwell until March 19 to establish good cause as to why the documents from their prior case should remain sealed. If they fail to do so, the summary judgement and supporting documents will be made public. The court also reserved a ruling on additional documents in the civil case, which includes discovery materials.

Epstein was accused by more than 30  girls, most between the age of 13 and 16, of being lured to his mansion for sex acts. According to the Miami Herald, court and police records show that he then used those same girls to recruit more girls over a period of several years.

Just a few weeks ago, on February 22, a federal judge ruled that the deal made back in 2008 was illegal because former Miami U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta kept it from Epstein’s victims, which is in violation of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. They concealed a plea agreement from more than 30 underage victims who had been sexually abused. In a 33-page opinion, Judge Marra said: “prosecutors not only violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act by not informing the victims, they also misled the girls into believing that the FBI’s sex trafficking case against Epstein was still ongoing — when in fact, prosecutors had secretly closed it after sealing the plea bargain from the public record. Epstein worked in concert with others to obtain minors not only for his own sexual gratification, but also for the sexual gratification of others.”

This 2008 plea deal gave Epstein and an untold number of others who weren’t named, immunity from federal prosecution. This non-prosecution agreement is now a big focus of the Justice Department’s investigation.

#7 “Pitbull” Andrew Weissmann is Leaving Special Counsel

Thursday’s big story was that Mueller may be wrapping up his report, being as Weissmann will be stepping down. According to Sara Carter’s report, Weissmann was handpicked by Mueller to join the Special Counsel’s Office investigation into the alleged collusion and obstruction between Russia and Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

For anyone who has heard Defense Attorney Sidney Powell speak on Weissmann’s tactics, or read her book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, it is quite evident that Weissmann needs to be investigated. Powell has stated that Weissmann destroyed evidence in the Arthur Anderson case. Despite this, Powell won the case against Weissmann in the Supreme Court, but only after they had destroyed the company’s reputation.

It seems Weissmann is a dirty player, and has been reported to the Department of Justice Inspector General and Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as reprimanded for withholding evidence, in past years. While on this special counsel for Mueller, he was directly involved with the prosecution of Paul Manafort.

As of Friday morning, Republican lawmakers requested documents, communications, and questions answered regarding both Weissman and his colleague DOJ prosecutor Zainab Ahmad. This is all due to Bruce Ohr’s testimony regarding the Russia Trump probe, where he testified that he had met with Weissmann and Ahmad in the summer of 2016 to alert them that the anti-Trump dossier had not been vetted and that Steele was extremely bias against Trump.

On March 1, lawmakers sent a 7-page letter to Attorney General William Barr requesting information about actions taken or not taken by Weissmann and Ahmad after they met with Ohr:

This development raises questions about the impartiality and independence of Weissmann and Ahmad as senior members of the Special Counsel investigation. We write to determine what steps both Weissmann and Ahmad took to apprise Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and the Justice Department of their contacts with Ohr and the substance of those meetings before their assignment to the Special Counsel’s office.

According to NPR Weissmann is leaving to teach at New York University. With any luck, investigations will interrupt that endeavor.

Speaking of Mueller:

There is currently a book being sold on Amazon called ‘The Mueller Report,’ authored by Robert S. Mueller III, with a prologue written by Alan Dershowitz. It already boasts a “Best Seller” flag by Amazon, and is available for preorder with a release date of March 26, 2019. The Washington Post also has a book titled ‘The Mueller Report,’ authored by Rosalind S. Helderman and Matt Zapotosky, with a preorder release date of March 26, 2019 as well. Both are available at Target as well. Of course the New York Times couldn’t be left out, so they too have ‘The Mueller Report’ on preorder for March 26th  – yet their book only appears to be for sale at Target. Interesting.

The book authored by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller states the following on Amazon:


The obvious questions on most people’s minds are – do they already have the full report since these books are already written? Likely. Are they trying to control the narrative the moment the report is released to the public? That’s a hard yes. Does this mean the report is most likely going to be released within the next couple of weeks? Likely, but there is always a chance of delay with these folks.

#8 50 Big Names Charged or Indicted in College Admission Pay-Off Scheme

The story broke on Tuesday, with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston describing it as the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted in the country. This is a $25 million scam that involves actors and actresses, exam administrators, athletic coaches, corporate giants, wealthy connected parents, high-ranking lawyers, real estate moguls and a media company owner – all buying their children’s way into colleges.

The schools involved include Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, The University of Southern California, and Wake Forest. Some of the parents charged are actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, the wife of an NFL legend, owner of a Napa Valley winery, equity investor William McGlashan. Huffman’s husband William H. Macy was not charged, but was caught on a wiretap discussing the scheme.

From submitting fraudulent test scores to fake athletic credentials, which they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for, some of the parents claim to have hidden this from their children. It’s unclear as to what will happen to the students who were admitted. Meanwhile, a class-action suit has been filed against several universities by applicants who were denied admission and affected by the scandal.

Apparently, a man by the name of William “Rick” Singer had been helping parents get their children into selective schools since at least 2011. According to the Washington Post, Singer reportedly bragged to one parent that he had facilitated 761 admissions through “side doors,” which was his term for this scheme.

FBI agents were tipped off by a man they had been investigating for securities fraud. He led them to a Rudolph Meredith, the woman’s soccer coach at Yale, who had suggested the man could get his child into the school with a bribe. Once the FBI arranged a recorded meeting between the two men in a Boston hotel room, FBI agents approached Meredith, at which point he agreed to cooperate in providing evidence against others that were also involved in this scheme.

Everyone knows that this has been going on forever – the wealthy buying their way into everything, including their child’s admission into college. However, by this being publicly disclosed, it opens the doors for further investigations into colleges and Ivy League schools that have been involved in far greater pay-to-play schemes.

One such scheme are Ivy League schools producing documentation as evidence to back a theory that an NGO needs in order to proceed with their work and/or receive federal funding to do so. Such is the example of the Harvard Consensus Statement on Antiretroviral Treatment for AIDS in Poor Countries. What makes this one particularly fascinating is the fact that it was spearheaded by Jeffrey Sachs and signed by 148 faculty, including Jim Yong Kim and Paul Farmer. These are the very people utilizing this “evidence” as proof to carry out their own agendas. 

#9 Paul Ryan Blocked Subpoenas of Democrats

On Wednesday, Breitbart News published an article reporting on their exclusive interview with President Trump in the Oval Office. Trump told Breitbart News that Ryan blocked issuance of subpoenas to people he thinks should have been investigated on the political left, and because Republicans no longer have the majority in the House, Ryan protected people that may have gotten away with whatever they did that warranted investigation.

Trump also told Breitbart that he believes the left plays a tougher game even though he thinks that the people on the right are tougher.

#10 New Mexico Terrorist Camp Superseding Indictment – FINALLY

Photo: Fox News

Most will recall the horrific terrorist training camp discovered last year in New Mexico where a group resided in a filthy situation, filled with firearms and ammunition, and a deceased child. They were originally indicted on September 11, 2018, and two judges dismissed charges against three of the defendants because the office of District Attorney Donald Gallegos failed to schedule a court hearing to prove they had probable cause for their arrest, within 10 days. Everyone could see with their own eyes that this was a terrorist training camp, and feared the worst.

On Wednesday, A federal grand jury sitting in Albuquerque, New Mexico returned a superseding indictment on March 13 charging Jany Leveille, 36, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, Subhanah Wahhaj, 36, and Lucas Morton, 41, with federal offenses related to terrorism, kidnapping and firearms violations

The Department of Justice press release states, in part:

As alleged in the superseding indictment, these defendants conspired to provide material support in preparation for violent attacks against officers and employees of the United States.  According to the superseding indictment, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Hujrah Wahhaj gathered firearms and ammunition, and all of the defendants transported people, firearms, and ammunition across state lines and constructed a training compound where they stored firearms and ammunition.  The superseding indictment further alleges that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Morton constructed and maintained a firing range at the compound where they engaged in firearms and tactical training for other compound occupants, and that Leveille and Morton attempted to recruit others to their cause.

The superseding indictment also charges Leveille, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, and Morton with conspiring to attack and kill officers and employees of the United States, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1117.  It was a part and an object of the conspiracy that the defendants would kill officers and employees of the United States, specifically, Federal Bureau of Investigation employees, government officials, and military personnel. 

The superseding indictment also charges Leveille, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhanah Wahhaj, and Morton with kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.  According to the superseding indictment, they kidnapped a child under the age of eighteen in Georgia and transported the child to New Mexico, where they concealed and held the child, resulting in the child’s death.

The superseding indictment also includes the charges from the original indictment.  All of the defendants are currently in custody awaiting trial.  

Perhaps this will set precedent in investigating the 22 Islamic compounds operating throughout the U.S., that FBI documents confirm.

#11 Jim Jordan Grills Adam Schiff in Classic Social Media Style

On Tuesday, in a series of tweets, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) fired at Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) regarding Schiff and his staff prepping Michael Cohen before his hearing, failing to disclose his meeting with Glen Simpson in Aspen, falsely claim in his memo that Bruce Ohr hadn’t communicated his relationship with Christopher Steel to the FBI prior to the 2016 election, and questioned why Schiff tried to block Congress from learning that the Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. That’s quite a list.

Jim Jordan and Adam Schiff

#12 Democrats & 12 Republicans Voted to Block Border Emergency – Trump Vetoed

On Thursday, Democrats and a dozen Republican senators blocked President Trump’s declaration of an emergency at the southern border.

The 12 Republican Defectors Were:

Lamar Alexander
Roy Blunt
Susan Collins
Mike Lee
Jerry Moran
Lisa Murkowski
Rand Paul
Rob Portman
Mitt Romney
Marco Rubio
Pat Toomey
Roger Wicker

Immediately following the vote, President Trump tweeted:

I look forward to VETOING the just passed Democrat inspired Resolution which would OPEN BORDERS while increasing Crime, Drugs, and Trafficking in our Country. I thank all of the Strong Republicans who voted to support Border Security and our desperately needed WALL!

And by late afternoon Friday, President Trump vetoed it, and signed an executive order on ‘Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Significant Transnational Criminal Organizations.’

UPDATE: This critical news hit late Friday, after this article was already written, therefore, it is being included as #13 below.

#13 Former Defense Intelligence Officer Pleads Guilty to Spying for China

Former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative Ron Rockwell Hansen, pleaded guilty on Friday, March 15, 2019 in the District of Utah, in connection with his attempted transmission of national defense information to the People’s Republic of China.

Hansen retired from the U.S. Army as a Warrant Officer with a background in signals intelligence and human intelligence. DIA hired Hansen as a civilian intelligence case officer in 2006, and had held a top secret clearance for many years.

Hansen is fluent in Mandarin-Chinese and Russian, and in early 2014, agents of a Chinese intelligence service targeted Hansen for recruitment and he began meeting with them regularly in China. Hansen began providing information to them in exchange for $800,000 over the course of four years. Between May 24, 2016 and June 2, 2018 he solicited from an intelligence case officer working for the DIA national defense, information that Hansen knew the Chinese intelligence service would find valuable. Hansen advised the case officer how to record and transmit classified information without detection, and how to hide and launder funds received. The DIA case officer reported Hansen’s conduct and became a confidential source for the FBI.

On June 2, 2018, Hansen received the solicited documents containing national defense information, from the case officer. The classified information contained documents related to the United States military readiness in a particular region. Hansen took notes, put some of it to memory, and concealed notes about the material in the text of an electronic document that he was planning to prepare at the airport before heading to China. He knew the information he planned on turning over to Chinese Intelligence was to be used to the injury of the United States.

Hansen, 58 of Syracuse, Utah, pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to gather or deliver national defense information to aid a foreign government. The plea agreement has an agreed upon sentence of 15 years and sentencing is set for September 24th.

Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber said China demonstrated its reach, “even right here in Utah.”

This Weeks Manipulation Tactics – In The News

….According to Copenhagen Pride and Vice’s agency Virtue. They believe that gender isn’t necessarily binary, a matter of man or woman, masculine or feminine, so they have set out to create a genderless digital voice called Q. They also believe that having a digital male or female voice is “stereotyping.” That’s a new one.

While “gender equality”, “gender neutral,” and “genderless” continues to be pushed by this New World Order to create a completely genderless society, emasculate men, advance AI, and simultaneously create an army of so-called feminists for added cognitive dissonance – according to the Williams Institute, it is estimated that only 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender. Gays and lesbians have a male/female preference, so it’s likely they prefer a male/female voice. Yet, according to this group – “the world needs this right now!”

Most people began reading this and had to double-check to be sure they weren’t reading an article by The Onion. Indeed, this was published by USA Today, with the opening sentence – “The air that Americans breathe isn’t equal,” followed up with – “This new research quantifies for the first time the racial gap between who causes air pollution, and who breathes it.”

They go so far as to get a quote from an African-American Texas Southern University public affairs professor. “These findings confirm what most grassroots environmental justice leaders have known for decades, whites are dumping their pollution on poor people and people of color,” said Robert Bullard.

The Mayor of NY city, Bill de Blasio announced that “Meatless Mondays” will expand to all New York City public schools beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. This means, children will be served vegetarian meals on Mondays. Some may find this to be just fine for their child, but they would be missing the bigger picture – choice has been removed, and a decision has been made for your children without your consent.

This is also being done so as to push a “climate change” agenda. His words speak to this:

“Cutting back on meat a little will improve New Yorkers’ health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” De Blasio said. “We’re expanding Meatless Mondays to all public schools to keep our lunch and planet green for generations to come.”

This Storm is Electrifying!

the storm is here

There’s a storm brewing alright, and if you still don’t believe anything is happening, start following along more closely, because things are speeding up. Just look at what’s been taking place in the Arkansas Swamp. Or how about the World Bank President retiring three years early, then suddenly news hits about an arm of the World Bank being sued by Supreme Court ruling – for the first time in history. What about the fact that all of the churches are finally being exposed for the pedophile, child sex trafficking nests that they are? Don’t be blissfully oblivious – it’s time to wake up, put on your armor, take action and join in this battle for justice, freedom, and a better world for future generations.

This electrifying storm is not going to slow down anytime soon. This battle will bring about serious change – some good, some not so pleasant. Pay attention, and communicate with those around you so they are prepared for an enormous amount of disclosure that may shock them. Don’t just grab a seat in this movie theater – play a role in steering all of this for the betterment of mankind.

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    It’s also funny AOC is like “exposed” by this guy who apparently idolizes Reagan, who WAS an actor by profession ^_^

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    Mass arrests of high-level Cabal operators holding positions of power & leading to & including BO & HRC, & leading to the “Restoration of the Republic”. That is the only thing everybody has been waiting for & has not yet happened. Anything else is just theater,… & an unending stream of click-bait videos & Q’s paraphernalia. We already know (& it’s been a few years now) these people are guilty of many high crimes, including treason, & what they’ve have done & when they did it. Piecemeal released information about any of this is just like watching a boring play that never ends & it has turned into a “ridiculous circus”. Why it is taking forever to for these people to even get convicted & arrested is what nobody understands. I’ve had enough of this “circus of garbage”,… I want to see results, & I want to see it now,… not next year or years from now,… Look at 9/11, we are still waiting for that truth to come out,…








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    keep the list going! Can add in Trump’s EO for free speech on Campuses and colleges have to have skin in the game.

  • Douglas James

    Hello Corey, nice title to your article. I have searched your site. Many interesting articles, links etc. To give you and your readers a sense of reality. If one takes the total amount of information, combined, on your site, compares that to a single grain of sand and we compare that grain of sand to all of the sand on the beaches from Maine to Florida & around the Gulf of Mexico to Brownsville Texas, that total sum is the amount of information that needs to be released. Much of the information has been available to those researching as far back as 10, 000 BC starting with the Aztec Indians. But the hell we are currently living goes back billions of years. Please prepare to release hundreds of articles of the darkness catapulted upon this planet daily in the extreme near future. And be mindful that 80 to 95% of the unthinkable atrocities will never be released to the general public. Why? Those with a spirit/soul & essence will not be able to see/hear the information, understand it and even have nightmares for decades, it is SO horrific. I am waiting for the world to find out that everyone with a spirit/soul & essence are ALL brothers and sisters from another realm. Then the evil would stop in one second, because we would know of our REAL power. Once the global swamp is drained, nothing but pure love & beauty awaits us. Our cups WILL be running over. May time be condensed to make this possible this weekend. Please, all brothers & sisters, be prepared. So be it, let it be done. Your brother, ‘the general’ from another realm. Blue Skies & Green Lights!

  • harrison burnel

    ”whites create pollution, hispanics and blacks breathe it”. they do not realize that 53% of hispanics are white. does anyone realize that hispanic is not a race? hispanics come in all colors and races and hispanic is a culture. this report made me laff.

  • Cornelius Lehane

    Imagine if the Dinosaurs were still here!!! Imagine this,,,,,,Standing behind Dinosaur whilst lighting a cigarette…. Dinosaur farts as man lights cigarette….Ooooooops!!! Instant cremation!!! Soot City!!! Hahahahhahahaha!! Last sound heard by man lighting cigarette behind farting Dinosaur………AaaaaaaWhoooooooooooompa!!!! WTFWT!!!!

  • Joan

    Hi Corey,
    I recently discovered your site and am very apppreciative of all the in depth information you have gifted us with. All of it opens up a new realm of discovery that is so very uplifting and exiting. All this time, I had received many puzzle parts without conclusive data, but now, I’m like a kid in a candy store with many avenues to follow.
    Thanks so much for all your amazing work!

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