COVID-19: Inside The Hospitals & Why The Lockdown?

The economy has come to a screeching halt, people are scared and confused, theories are flinging left and right, and everyone wants to know – why are we being forced to shut down our businesses and stay in our homes, and why is President Trump going along with this while shady characters stand at his side?

There is a lot of confusion because nefarious characters are propagating fear tactics, embellished stories, and doom and gloom scenarios, while those with hope want to believe this is all a cover story to take down these nefarious characters. All of this has led to an onslaught of fabricated stories based on no evidence, heightened suspicions about every news piece – understandably so, and a whole lot of amped up outrage and fear.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and I hope to clear up some of the confusion. I wanted to go beyond the empty parking lots of the hospitals and see what’s really happening behind closed doors. I have data and information from over a dozen hospitals documented in bullet-point fashion midway through this report. Has the media exaggerated the alleged “war zones” at these hospitals? Are they really running low on supplies? Are people really dying? Does this virus even exist? How accurate are these tests? Is there any truth to these refrigerator trucks? Why are these parking lots empty? And the ultimate question – WHY is Trump willing to go along with crushing our economy and shattering millions of businesses that may never recover in the process? What are they really up to?

Before going any further, I will tell you that there are not “war zones” at hospitals yet, and none of them have run out of ventilators thus far. That part was most certainly an exaggeration. That said, the virus is real and is lethal to the minority, and they are all short on various other medical supplies because of the burn rate when dealing with a very contagious virus.

It is important to note that no Hipaa laws were infringed upon in obtaining this information. I have communicated with, and verified the employment of all RNs, critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, technicians, MDs, pathologists, and other medical staff working in hospitals across our country. That said, all medical staff wish to remain anonymous, hence the simplified titles throughout this report. I have also had many discussions with professionals who are not included in this report.

What is COVID-19?

Chest x-ray of a positive COVID-19 patient

Unlike the common cold or the flu, COVID-19, also known as SARS-CoV-2, infects more than just the upper respiratory tract but also the lower lungs, the blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, and also leads to temporary loss of taste and smell in some cases. In the most severe cases, which require ICU admission and mechanical ventilation, the virus can not only lead to diffuse lung damage causing acute respiratory distress syndrome, but there is mounting clinical evidence that microvascular injury and increased blood clotting are major contributing factors to morbidity and mortality. Although the vast majority of people only have mild disease and do not require hospitalization, the rates of serious outcomes are much higher than the flu.

What makes COVID-19 a bit of a mystery, is how contagious it seems to be. They keep telling us this, but no one wants to believe it, including myself. After all, it’s the perfect hoax to scare the hell out of everyone, get them to submit, break the economy during an election year, and prep us for what’s to come – the new vaccine cocktail out of one of Bill Gates’ newest facilities that is likely to be the Global Fund 2.0, packed with ID2020. It all makes perfect sense. And whereas all of that is likely the case, evidence does seem to point to this virus being as contagious as they claim. However, one in four people who contract it don’t even have symptoms, a larger majority have symptoms that don’t require hospitalization, and the smallest percentage are those at risk.

Fortunately, it only impacts a small percentage of the population, but unfortunately that small percentage is mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and those with compromised immune systems, along with the occasional anomaly of a seemingly healthy individual who contracts it and dies from it. A pattern has yet to be found, but we are discovering that this has likely been here since November 2019, which begs the question, is this lockdown really necessary? They have yet to determine whether or not a person who does get sick and recovers, can get sick again. As of right now, they state that a person can remain contagious for up to 36 days after last symptoms present.

There is some discrepancy in the medical field as to what they are really dealing with. This virus acts very differently than they have seen before. Whereas it does resemble acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS), many are finding that the micro clotting is a big issue, and oxygen settings may need to be adjusted due to too much pressure on the lungs, while trying to determine what other actions would be best.

Photo on left is a patient suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This is caused by diffuse alveolar damage which is the result of the virus and the immune response to the virus, but there are other factors at play with this particular virus. Photo on the right is normal lung tissue, which mostly consists of air and lower respiratory cells and capillaries.

More recently, the FDA approved an anti-malaria drug called Hydroxychloroquine to combat the inflammation in the lungs. When combined with Z-Pak and other antibiotics it seems to show good results for recovery. More and more states are beginning to use it, and our government has purchased and stockpiled 29 million doses. This is fantastic news! Despite this, they are forging ahead with their “vaccine” approach and all eyes are on Bill Gates right now.

So how many people are actually contracting this virus? Are those numbers exaggerated? Most people have suggested that China’s numbers are far higher than what is being stated by China. In fact, some of the people who believe this virus is an entire hoax also seem to believe the numbers are much higher in China. How is that possible? That is equivalent to two belief systems contradicting one another. That said, the Washington Post just published an article stating that Chinese statistics put Wuhan’s death toll at 2,563, but evidence is suggesting it was actually more than 40,000. Here’s another contradiction: some will say that China always lies so we shouldn’t trust their numbers, while at the same time saying that the Washington Post always lies and is fear mongering. Again, which is it? It cannot be both in this particular case. Yes, they are both liars… so find the element of truth that exists within the lies. More than likely, the numbers were higher than China was claiming.

As of today, the U.S. is reporting over 331,000 cases with roughly 9,500 deaths. Worldwide statistics are showing over 1.2 million cases with over 68,000 deaths and over 258,000 recovered. Of course, that recovery number is going to appear low because this virus has a long shed life before one tests negative. In regard to the 9,500 deaths, it is very important to note that many hospitals are documenting COVID-19 as the “cause of death,” when in fact the majority of patients have comorbidities. That said, some of those patients may have had months or years left to live had they not been struck by this virus.

Currently, the White House is projecting 100,000 – 240,000 potential deaths in the U.S. This comes weeks after the modeling systems suggested 1-2 million people could die, which was propped up by all mainstream news, Bill Gates, and the former CDC Director Thomas Frieden. It’s no wonder people are so confused. Make no mistake – it is the intention of the nefarious characters to confuse the hell out of you. These are mind games. These are classic tactics to create a crisis and destabilize a country. Keeping you confused and distracted is the name of the game, especially during an election year.

Is this virus as contagious as they say it is? They allege that it is mutating every 15 days, and has already created at least 8 new strains. Though they do not seem to grow more lethal as they evolve, it indicates how this virus may be spreading so rapidly.

How Is COVID-19 Being Tested?

The Abbott M2000 can run 500-1000 tests a day

In regard to the test kits false/positive reads and efficacy rate, I have a couple points to make. We did not accept test kits from the WHO. That was very telling to me. There was also a major issue with the 1st generation CDC tests, which have allegedly been rectified. If the tests do have a percentage of false/positives, which I anticipate happens to some degree, the fact remains that some people are showing the symptoms while others are dying. Some speculate as to whether or not this is just the flu and being tested as such. After talking with countless medical professional dealing with these patients first-hand, I can tell you that none of them have ever seen anything like this, because the patient does a rapid decline and cannot breathe. Remember, the U.S. had never experienced MERS or SARS, with exception of 8 cases of SARS back in 2003.

Targeted PCR primers are used, where the sequence of the virus is analyzed and specific DNA sequences to the specific strains of the targeted virus are picked out. PCR can be highly specific, but the primers made (usually 15 base pairs of DNA sequence) should not be found in any other living organism or it could pick them up too. That said, the FDA validation was waived due to clearance by the emergency order.

I have spoken with several medical professionals at various hospitals and they have experienced some cases where patients actually tested negative several times before testing positive. Surely, there is a flipside to that as well, especially since nose swabs have such a low sensitivity rating. So are there false/positives and false/negatives happening that are potentially altering the numbers? More than likely, but I can’t provide a percentage at this time.

What Are Hospitals Doing with The Deceased Bodies?

In some cases, medical examiners are not accepting COVID-19 positive patients because they are considered a natural cause of death. Unless of course they were a suspected homicide case as well. They are forensic pathologists looking at murders and unknown causes of death. Most people do not request autopsies on parents or family members because they have a reason for their death, and they do not want their loved ones to be cut up. That said, on the rare occasion they do, that would be an internal hospital request at which point the hospital would determine whether they are going to perform the autopsy. During this pandemic, one Harvard hospital has restricted autopsies to fetal autopsies only and is not performing autopsies on any adults or COVID-19 patients. However, other hospitals throughout Boston are still performing autopsies if there is no or low clinical suspicion for COVID-19.

Those that have died with COVID-19 are still contagious and the virus is still transmittable through oral fecal route and aerosolized droplets, which is why some hospitals have gotten refrigeration trucks to store the deceased. Performing an autopsy on someone who died due to COVID-19 would essentially show death by acute hypoxic respiratory failure with diffuse aveolar damage to the lungs.

In New York City, the medical examiner’s office are swabbing the nose and taking a lung tissue sample of all deceased in New York City who are suspected of having COVID-19, and storing it for studies. The funeral homes have stopped accepting bodies of COVID-19 positive and COVID-19 suspected in New York, hence the refrigeration trucks.

Some hospitals in other states have funeral homes picking up deceased bodies, while others have refrigerator trucks in use, and some have them setup as a contingency plan. One hospital has setup a makeshift morgue because funeral homes will not pick up the bodies. Thus far, we know that this virus is contagious before, during and after death, for up to 36 days shedding after the last symptoms, while they are still trying to determine if a person can get sick a second time.

How are they documenting the cause of death for COVID-19 related deaths? Well that’s an interesting mix. Some hospitals are in fact documenting it as COVID-19 being the cause even though those folks already had compromised health, and in many cases were in critical condition. Whereas, other hospitals are indicating it as “due to” but not the main cause. There are individuals who have died from COVID-19 who had no obvious preexisting conditions and were non-smokers, but perhaps they had major immune system issues? Sadly, in the heat of the moment with these cases, they probably aren’t getting to log a whole lot of background information, leaving these anomalies a bit of a mystery.

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

Empty Parking Lots
Many hospitals appear “empty” because they have shut down elective surgeries, routine health maintenance visits, are not allowing visitors, are not running actual COVID-19 tests at their location, entire departments have been closed, and healthcare professionals have been sent home. They have switched to telemedicine for virtual appointments. Additionally, some have screening tents before allowing people into the hospital, while others allow them into the ER, but in most cases, those with symptoms are moved directly to a room in areas that have been designated for potential COVID-19 positive patients. This might explain why some emergency rooms appear to be empty as well. They are “ghost towns” because our government essentially closed up shop with exception of those who have severe emergencies, plus most people do not want to venture into a hospital right now for fear of getting sick.

That said, many also appear to be “ghost towns” because the media gave the impression that hospitals are in a “war zone” scenario, when in fact the numbers are much lower than what they were propagating. For example, a hospital may see a surge and have 20 COVID-19 positive patients all at once, on ventilators, but a week later may only have 4 people. These are the kind of lies that fuel confusion and cause everyone to believe the entire thing is a hoax.

Medical Supply Shortage
First, hospitals are not reporting to be low on ventilators. That entire drama that went down with New York Governor Cuomo has been exposed, and all other hospitals I have communicated with are not seeing shortages with ventilators. Some are also setup to share ventilators with other nearby hospitals if need be.

Putting that aside, they are all low on N95 masks. How is this possible? A few reasons. Some hospitals didn’t have much stock to begin with, others had masks and supplies stolen when this all hit the news, and the burn rate is exponential because everyone has to wear them and switch them out as often as possible. All hospitals are also rationing the masks in preparation for a surge and have their supplies locked up.

Airborne viruses require N95 masks and are supposed to be single patient use, but most hospitals are requiring that to extend to a 12-hour shift, and in some cases an entire week. Those working directly with COVID-19 patients often use a full face shield over the N95 mask to prevent contamination so it can continue to be used.

Several hospitals have told their staff that they are not allowed to wear their masks in the hallways and should only wear them when in rooms with patients. They are told to keep their masks in a paper bag when it’s not in use. This has created a lot of fear for staff because many are of the belief that this is far more contagious than they have been told, and they feel unprotected. One hospital has decided to begin sterilizing the masks between shifts, and another finally gave the green light allowing them to wear their masks in the hallways as well.

This virus event may look like one big overreaction from our point of view, but for those on the front lines, dealing with this up close and personal, many are very frightened that they will contract it and get their family members sick. No matter how small or how big this event may evolve into, it is having an impact on every single American right now in one way or another, and I would ask that those show respect and compassion for one another, especially those on the front lines.

Some areas are getting small waves of surges, while others are seeing very little traffic, and in some cases like at Banner-UMC in Tucson, they have yet to see one positive case.

“People Aren’t Really Dying and Refrigerator Trucks are Fake”
This would be a totally false statement. Some hospitals do in fact have refrigerator trucks due to how contagious this virus is. I cannot attest to the photos of dead bodies in the refrigerator trucks in NYC, but I can attest to the fact that there are hospitals in three different states who have brought them in, including New York. I have also seen photos of the trucks from a hospital in another state, but have not published them in this report, so as to protect their identity.

All of that said, the majority of people who have died had comorbidities. Some that may have only had days left to live, while others may have had weeks or months or longer, had this respiratory virus not hit them.

Inside The Hospitals on The Front Lines

Many I have communicated with, including several who are not in this report, have stated their concern over lack of masks and protection or concern for staff, many of whom are getting sick but recovering well, and the lack of testing on employees. One would think that being an employee at a hospital would require mandatory testing, even if they are not presenting symptoms. Some have also stated that they feel this has been blown out of proportion. One brave nurse had this to say:

“As nurses I think we are starting to suffer from PTSD – almost like domestic abuse victims – but our abusers are the CDC and the corporate healthcare industry and administration that are basically telling nurses “if we say up is down it’s your job to agree” even if we are putting your lives in jeopardy. We lost a nurse in Louisiana today to COVID. Families cannot be at their loved ones side as they perish because we as nurses cannot keep them safe from the virus. Anyone who says we are not at war is frankly full of shit. I’m sitting in my car – getting ready for my next shift – terrified and wondering if this will be the day I contract this virus and take it home to my multigenerational family.” – Nurse on the front lines

Note: All statistics indicated from hospitals and nursing home below, are moving targets, and the numbers appear to be increasing by the week, and in some cases by the day, as I have been tracking them for about 8 straight days now.


Ellie Brown, Director of Community Relations; Emergency Response at Columbia Lutheran Home in Seattle, Washington, has been battling the virus at ground zero. It first hit Life Care Center of Kirkland, just 14 miles away, and quickly spread to other nursing homes in the area, likely due to shared staff. Life Care Center is currently under fire for waiting two weeks to report the outbreak, as well as providing inadequate care to its residents. There are nearly 20 nursing homes in that area that have since been infected with COVID-19.

Columbia Lutheran Home:
• 26 COVID positive patients and staff at Columbia Lutheran Home
• 6 COVID related deaths
• Many residents have tested negative and they attribute this to good infection control protocols
• Staff have fallen ill. They must have 2 negative tests in order to return. This means weeks out of work which is straining the staff, but all staff are recovering well
• No resident has yet to retest negative after onset of symptoms, even after 30 days. That is a very long viral shedding time. Therefore, residents who no longer have symptoms are still contagious. They are continuing to retest them.
• They are seeing improvements in their residents due to their emergency response plan, innovative use of meds, and great care
• They are treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and zinc. Thus far, all residents have tolerated the medicines well and they have seen improvements.
• Ellie has provided a lot of tips and information in dealing with COVID-19 on her twitter feed.
• Columbia Lutheran is one of the few, if not the only location out there that has chosen to be 100% transparent with families, residents, and public, from day one
• King, Washington is ground zero at 150 deaths thus far, with a dozen nearby nursing home facilities all effected by COVID-19

I know Ellie Brown personally, so when this news broke we were in immediate contact and have been since day one. I was especially concerned for her due to her medical history, and wanted to include a few Q&A about her experience in this report.

What have you been personally taking to keep yourself healthy during this?

“Hydrosol silver, elderberry, massive C, B and D, massive zinc, multivitamin, massive probiotics, staying hydrated. Laughter. Tears when needed. And someone to vent to. MASSIVE prayer. I may enter a study to see if my childhood mononucleosis, encephalitis, or viral meningitis is playing a role in my immunity to this thus far.”

Have you observed Governor Inslee helping or intentionally not helping your situation there? Have you personally had any first-hand contact with his office? 

“I have first-hand conversations with the King County supply task force. First two weeks, it really seemed like maybe they were going to pull through for us. Then NOTHING happened. I have 18 requests for supplies in. Facilities are categorized Tier 1 – 5. Columbia is Urgent Tier 1 – supposedly first in line. The people I was talking to everyday became hugely frustrated that they weren’t receiving their requests from Inslee-state group. Example: They ordered 100,000 gowns and received 18. Yes, 18. 

They kept telling me they knew Inslee received supplies and couldn’t understand what was happening. Then, suddenly, the chain of request command changed to HMAC group. That new lady – a Navy rear admiral – suddenly took over. This was last week. Four weeks+ into the nightmare. Communication began to improve. To date, we have received some masks and 150 barrier suits. Our burn rate is very high. I have endlessly tweeted to Inslee with no response. I have had calls into his office with no response. I imagine supplies will come this week. I believe that the state emergency response supply chain was not properly in place.

Look at Governor Abbott going crazy good with his 83 million masks etc. America should never again rely on another country for ER medicine or supplies. We are no longer counting on help, instead we are scouring the universe for PPE and paying promoted posts on FB and IG for seamstresses. We are going to begin making gowns out of 7mm cut/hot gun soon if needed.” 

Do your records indicated any strange respiratory related deaths between December and February that may have been COVID, but no one knew at the time? 

“Yes. Totally. I wonder now if this is what happened to my little momma in December. She wasn’t expected to pass and she suddenly became ill.” 

Are you really seeing a 36 day shed life on this virus? So people are still contagious for up to 36 days after their symptoms went away?

“Yes. DOH told us 36 days. We thought NO WAY. But now we see firsthand first retest at 30 days of now asymptomatic resident is still positive. Good thing we are retesting otherwise if a facility doesn’t retest they would take off isolation OR allow employees to come back to work.”

Ellie Brown, Director of Community Relations; Emergency Response – [email protected]

Physician at a Major Boston, Massachusetts Academic Hospital

• 62,962 people have been tested in MA
• 10,402 are COVID-19 positive
• 966 COVID-19 positive patients have required hospitalization, but are still investigating 6,373 COVID positive patients whose hospitalization status is unknown
• 192 deaths in all of MA
• Running double tests on people to rule out false positives from sample contamination. Test results are at 14% positive statewide
• Testing all employees showing symptoms, as well as patients that come in with symptoms or at risk patients with known exposures
• 98 employees have tested positive at a single hospital, but hospitalization and death rates for employees are unknown
• 1/3rd of COVID-19 positive patients are currently in the ICU – many are on ventilators – 20s, 30s, 40s all the way up, at one hospital. Some with no preexisting conditions.
• They are treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, antibiotics, and medications for other issues they may have
• Patients can also enroll in a Remdesivir drug trial, manufactured by Gilead
• Actemra (generic is Tocilizumab) is being used to control the cytokine storm, which is an immune reaction to this virus that causes a person to be unable to breathe

Nurse at UVM Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont

• 10 patients have tested positive with no deaths as of March 27th at UVM, with 12 deaths in the state thus far, up two between March 27th and April 4th
• Screening tents are setup outside the hospital. Everyone who enters the front of the hospital is screened and temperature taken. They converted one 30-bed unit and their ICU into a COVID-19 response unit, and expect to have another 22-bed unit setup next week, in addition to converting the 30-bed surgical unit as backup.
• No visitation for patients
• They have been treating patients with Zithromax, Flagyl and Rocephin – waiting to hear on Hydroxychloroquine
• The nurses are given one N95 mask per day and some are also given one face shield per day. It is then put in a bag marked with their name on it, sterilized, and reused the following day.

Staff Member at Beaumont Health in Royal Oak, Michigan

• The numbers are changing daily. As of April 1st there were 124 COVID related deaths, with some in their 30s to 50s. By April 4th, they are reporting 540 deaths
• 8 Hospitals are in this network
• Staff is being trained to fill other departments and some are being pulled to other hospitals when staff get sick

Numbers below reflect April 1st stats:

• There is a drive-thru screening area and no one is allowed in the hospital unless they are showing symptoms. If they have a cough and fever they are sent home and advised to isolate. If they have severe symptoms they are directed to the ER
• As of last week, lower Michigan hospitals were at capacity, so mid-Michigan hospitals were preparing to take in patients
• They are low on masks and gowns. Nurses and doctors receive one N95 mask per shift and other staff receives the basic masks. The state of MI had 1,000 ventilators but is expecting to get more
• Governor Whitmer originally would not allow the prescribing of Hydroxychloroquine and has recently changed her tune on that, requesting the drug
• Funeral homes are not picking up the bodies, so makeshift morgues have been implemented in the hospitals 

Nurse at Edward-Elmhurst Hospitals in Illinois

• As of April 3rd, 33 patients were being treated for COVID-19 at Edward Hospital with 393 cases in the entire county
• There have been 17  COVID related deaths in DuPage County thus far, with 3 at Edward Hospital
• Elmhurst hospital has had to put the majority of COVID positive patients on ventilators
• A screening tent is setup outside and they only admit someone if there is an actual emergency or if COVID-19 symptoms are severe. They have two entire floors setup strictly for COVID-19 patients, with some negative pressure rooms
• They are not allowing visitors
• Very low on masks – having to brown-bag their own if they can find an N95, otherwise they are using the less effective cotton ones. They were told not to where them in the hallways and on certain units, which caused a lot of stress on staff
• A new policy was made on April 1st encouraging all staff to wear masks (plain surgical type), which was a big change for the staff considering they had previously been reprimanded from wearing them on certain units.

Nurse at ECMC in Buffalo, New York

• 5 Positive COVID-19 patients
• 2 Deaths: both were males in their 70s with bad comorbidities. COVID was recorded as cause.
• 2 ICUs with 12 beds each, trauma unit with 18 beds, step down unit with 9 beds
• No visitors allowed
• Converted 12th floor to accommodate COVID positive patients
• Using Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) and Z-Pak
• Sufficient number of ventilators but need N95 masks
• A single N95 mask is used for an entire 12-hr shift

Nurse at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee

• The system consists of an adult and children’s hospital plus 11 satellite walk-in clinics designated as testing sites
• 200 Confirmed cases with less than 50 hospitalized
• 85 Staff members have tested positive, have not been hospitalized, and are recovering well
• They have sufficient supplies and ventilators

Nurse at Christiana Care Hospital in Newark, Delaware

• It consists of a 1000+ bed hospital, in addition to a free-standing ER and 2 other hospitals
• 264 COVID positive cases in all 3 counties (Kent, New Castle and Sussex) as of last week, with an estimate of 30 being treated in the hospital, half of which were in critical care on ventilators
• They have had 6 COVID related deaths in all 3 counties – do not have specifics on those
• Treating with Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) and Z-Pak
• They have a sufficient amount of ventilators with over 240 ventilators with 50 in use at the time of this report, and their masks are being rationed because many have been stolen. There is a concern there may not be enough if they have a surge, so managers have locked them up
• The staff must use one mask per 7 days and are not happy about it, but full face shields are also available to some medical staff

Doctor at a Large Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire

• 9+ COVID positive patients
• 2 COVID related deaths with comorbidities: compromised immune systems and respiratory issues. One was in their 50s and one in their 80s
• 4 Prior patients already being managed have now tested positive and had to be intubated. This has raised concerns. One is currently on the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail
• The Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak cocktail was previously given to one patient, and they recovered two days later

Nurse at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon

• 8 COVID positive cases, not all hospitalized, no reported deaths as of last week
• 1 Nurse had symptoms and was sent home for a 14-day quarantine, but was not tested. They are very restrictive in running tests and they have been taking 4-5 days to get results
• Nurses only get 1 surgical mask per 12-hr shift. They have to keep them in paper bags when they are not in rooms with patients

Nurse at a Hospital in Helena, Montana

• 281 COVID positive cases with 24 hospitalized in the state of Montana
• 6 COVID related deaths
• One hospital in Helena has had 5 positive cases with 2 people on ventilators in negative pressure rooms, both of whom were exposed to many staff members prior to testing positive
• There are disputes between doctors as to agreeing on use of Hydroxychloroquine
• Staff members at a couple hospitals are concerned over procedures and feel they have all been exposed which has created a lot of fear and distrust

Nurse at St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo, California

• 50-Bed community hospital
• 5 COVID positive cases as of last week
• 2 COVID related deaths with comorbidities
• An unusual number of patients having to be intubated for this hospital. In a 24hr-span, 4 patients had to be intubated but they were not tested for COVID at that time.
• They are finding that patients struggle with breathing and their oxygen needs rapidly increase, they go on a ventilator and go into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
• They are low on medical supplies and are reusing masks and goggles. Prior to this virus hitting, masks were only used with patients in isolation. Now the burn rate has substantially increased.

Nurse at a Busy ICU in Orange County California

• Only 1 COVID-19 positive patient who was treated and sent home
• They have prepared their hospital for a surge to be on the safe side
• They are ok on ventilators but short on other protective supplies

Nurse at Inner City Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

• 10 COVID positive cases – some were sent home with medicine
• 4 COVID positive patients on ventilators
• 1 COVID related death of an 80+ year old with terminal comorbidity
• Treating patients with some of the following: Hydroxychloroquine, Tamiflu, antibiotics, zinc, vitamin C
• Plenty of ventilators, gowns, gloves, and goggles
• Staff receives one N95 mask per 12-hr shift to be sure they don’t run out in the future
• Only symptomatic employees are being tested
• As of April 3rd, the entire state of Wisconsin has had 1,916 COVID positive cases, 487 hospitalizations, and 37 deaths. There have been 22,377 people who have tested negative

Nurse at a Hospital in Louisiana

• 7 COVID positive cases
• 1 COVID related death
• Nurses are keeping their masks in a paper bag and were just recently informed that they are not allowed to wear masks in hallways
• Some patients are allowed 1 visitor right now
• The state of Louisiana has had 10,297 COVID positive cases,  370 COVID related deaths, 1,707 currently in hospitals, and 53,645 tested negative

Doctor at a Major Hospital in Ohio

An entire COVID-19 positive family passed away. The parents were in their 70s with no preexisting conditions and the son at age 50 also had no preexisting conditions. All were non-smokers.

Takeaways & My Speculations on The Virus Itself

Some key takeaways from all data, research, and conversations:

• The virus is real and is lethal to those with comorbidities and compromised immune systems

• The virus does appear to be very contagious and is allegedly mutating every 15 days

• The number of deaths in the U.S. thus far is roughly 9,500

• Their modeling systems and fear tactics of death tolls in the millions would appear to be hyperbole

• Most hospitals are not allowing visitors, which is tragic for the families who have a COVID positive family member in the hospital

• Most hospitals are not seeing a “surge,” but some are having an influx of patients

• Many employees are contracting it and getting sick, but are recovering well

• Many hospitals are faring just fine with ventilators and supplies, with exception of masks

• Our government has purchased and stockpiled 29 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine

• It is likely that this virus has been in the U.S. since early November

• Millions of people are out of work and forced to stay home over this virus

After taking everything into consideration from my research and all professionals I have communicated with, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this virus is real and people are dying from it. It is definitely not the flu being written off as “death by COVID-19” as some have speculated. However, some hospitals are in fact documenting those with pneumonia or other deadly infections or diseases, as death by COVID-19, which really skews the numbers. I am concerned a bit by the strange anomalies with younger individuals having no preexisting issues, but that could be due to weakened immune systems they were unaware of. The fact that the majority of people targeted by this virus have comorbidities, is a true statement, but I do not like that some hospitals are marking it down as the “cause” of death. That said, in many cases these individuals may have lived another 5 years or more with the conditions they had, so it shortened their lifespan briskly.

It would seem to be incredibly contagious as compared to other virus strains, and if there is validity to it mutating causing a bigger spread, that would make sense. However, they estimate that 1 in 4 COVID-19 positive cases could be asymptomatic, and many people are completely immune to it. Do I think it’s as deadly as they say? It certainly displays as being very lethal if it strikes the right person. Again, “the right person” is definitely in the minority.

The media has done a fine job of trying to confuse people by coming out of the Gate (pun intended) with the scare tactics of 2 million people could die! Of course, the fact that Bill Gates is all over this, is alarming in itself. They are now stating that between 100,000 – 240,000 people could die, and have ordered 100,000 military-style body bags for potential use. The number of COVID related deaths in the U.S. to date is roughly 9,500. Without going into numerous statistics on other death rates to make comparisons, it would seem this number is quite low from what they were anticipating. Of course, they claim that over the next couple of weeks we are going to see a huge surge, and perhaps that is possible, but with all of the containment, one would think that number would be significantly reduced.

So where does all of this information leave me? I personally believe this is far from a typical virus or even a mutated virus, and falls more in line with what would appear to be a bioweapon. There is not enough evidence to determine whether it was released by accident or intentionally, but there sure are a lot of reactions lending me to believe it is very plausible this was released intentionally and/or has created quite an opportunity to exploit Americans in the process.

Why The Shutdown of Our Economy & Home Quarantine?

Let’s begin with the fact that the news pushed this hard and fast. Tom Hanks was the first public figure to announce he and his wife tested positive and 32 minutes later the NBA ended their season. By the next day, 33 schools announced closures, Hollywood closed its door, and the following day President Trump declared a National Emergency.

Fear tactics and hyperbole were all the craze, and panic spread like wildfire.

Yes it’s highly contagious, and yes it’s lethal if it strikes the right person, and everyone feels like a walking target because there have been strange anomalies as well. They’ve pounded it into people’s heads that “everyone can be a carrier” and therefore you could kill your parents or grandparents. It’s a devastating threat and has scared most of the world. Yet, it would seem that this lethal virus has been here since November. We spent the better part of four full months co-existing, running our businesses, and being touchy-feely without anyone being the wiser, and life went on – until it didn’t. So what is the right move here? Now that they’ve paralyzed everyone with fear of killing their parents or grandparents or anyone with a compromised immune system, how do we move forward?

Why did they take it this far? Is it because Deep State is trying to destroy our country during an election year? Yes. Is it because China was in on this and wanted to see us go down? Probably. Is it because there is massive retaliation against our President and a behind-the-scenes battle taking place, so they wanted to strike hard? Yes. Is it because Bill Gates, the WHO and friends have been planning their masterminded Global Fund 2.0 for mandatory vaccines for the world? Yes. Is it because the evil, power-hungry, Deep State thieves want to create a one world governance and a new world order? Well, they’ve said so themselves, so that’s a hard yes. Is it because they wanted to start World War III? It’s sure looking that way. There are many layers to this.

So when people ask, “why is President Trump going along with this and allowing for the destruction of our economy, our businesses, everything that’s been built up over the past four years, and making us stay in our homes?” My response is, “We are at war. He wants you safe. He’s listening to Deep State “experts” on this virus for a string of reasons, and he is in the middle of a battle that may include defending against bioweapons and other threats.”

Make no mistake, President Trump is fully aware of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx’s ties to Deep State and work with the well-known AIDS global slush fund which I have been writing a book about, and have already released three chapters on. Who do you call when there’s a pandemic and the top tiers in the healthcare industry are all run and owned by Deep State? Who do you call when you want eyes on those managing the situation and working directly with Bill Gates to push his vaccines? At what point do you bring in replacements, cut ties with them, take the reins, and eventually take them down? We will find out soon enough.

There are obvious actions and reactions that draw me to these conclusions:

• March 27th: The CDC restored full operating capability to all U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland where they will be working on a vaccine.

• March 27th: President Trump signed an executive order allowing for the call-up of up to a million troops for no longer than 24 consecutive months.

• March 28th: The U.S. Military have isolated themselves at a number of military sites, including Cheyenne Mountain, until the coronavirus pandemic passes.

• March 31st: The State Department put out a Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel, followed by a tweet on April 2nd stating, “The Department of State urges Americans not to delay travel home. Transportation options may soon be unavailable.”

• April 1st: President Trump stated in his press conference that they are working on building two more ships to help with the virus, when we already have the Comfort and the Mercy, who have treated less than a couple dozen non-COVID patients.

• April 1st: “Today, the Department of Defense and interagency partners began enhanced counter narcotics operations in eastern pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea to combat illicit drugs into the US.” They added ships, aircraft and security forces – navy destroyers, combat ships and more, nearly doubling. “22 partner nations joined us in this fight.”

If anyone believes this is just about narcotics, they need to open their eyes. They are protecting our borders while likely working on several other operations. Do I believe they are blowing up underground tunnels and rescuing thousands of children who have been trafficked? I have not seen a shred of evidence to point to this. They have done their fair share of taking down child traffickers and I do believe more actions will ensue when the time is right, but spreading disinformation is wreaking havoc.

I do not come to these conclusions lightly. I also don’t pretend to have all of the answers and I am not a doomsday kind of gal, but I will not dispute facts and evidence, nor will I sugarcoat events to give people a false sense of hope. I am an optimist, a problem solver, and try to spread as much love and compassion as I can because I deeply care about humanity. I do believe we will win this battle, but people need to recognize that it comes with change, moving forward. I also believe that we will see some big arrests happen prior to the election, for if we do not, that would be a big mistake on Trump’s part. The people need a win, and we demand accountability for these vultures.

The more grounded and in reality people remain, the easier it will be for everyone to get through this and help one another. We are all taking a big hit right now and times are difficult for everyone. I hope that people keep that in perspective and not go full-on rage on others because of fear or because they want their version of this story to come true.

I believe we are witnessing one of the greatest battles of all time, and I pray that it does not escalate to harm humanity. When contemplating all of these moving pieces, I am honestly torn between whether or not it’s wise to continue our in-home quarantines or get back to work. I believe most people would rather live their lives fully and take their chances, just as we take our chances with a myriad of other viruses on the loose, every day of our lives. Do I still believe we are submitting and standing down to the powers that be, and allowing them to control us and our livelihood? You betcha, and I don’t like it. Not one bit.

I have always been a very decisive person, and base my decisions on facts and pure intuitive instincts. That said, this is the first time I can honestly say, I am a bit torn here. If we were simply talking about the virus alone, I would say we all need to get back to work before the economy and people’s lives are damaged beyond repair. But, I see the bigger picture and there are a lot of plays happening right now with a lot of moving parts, and I just can’t say what would be in the best interest for people right now. It’s difficult for everyone to watch this play out, experience the effects of it all, and not know what our future holds, but I will always maintain hope and be optimistic about what that future may look like. All I can do at this point, is provide the facts and evidence as they surface, and pray for all of my fellow Americans, and the entire world.

Stay strong. We can get through this together. I promise.

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Arnold Ziffel

    My grandfather years ago died with the flu. His death certificate had heart attack as the primary cause of death due to a bad heart. The key to the death certificate’s primary cause of death should be using FROM and WITH. My grandfather’s case was WITH. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats today disregard that distinction because it would lessen the impact of their authority.

  • Lee

    David Wilcock’s Youtube Channel for more info regarding Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Harvard Professor Lieber (and so much more). I’ve included the links he describes to save you time (below).

    This vid. Start at 17:19 and listen through 1:11:55. He veers off on a couple of tangents, but stays pretty much on the Gates connection…Great intel! (Jan 29, 1010 Davos)

    Event 201: Tested the pandemic scenario…guess who’s involved? David accidentally left this event out in this vid (Part III), but he did include it in vid Part 11 around

    DOJ Link on Lieber plus 2 Chinese Nationals

    Happy Hunting! Blessings…

  • Frank Miller

    Great article Corey, a very interesting read. Lots of research, congratulations!

    I too think that a lot is happening behind the scenes, and that the virus is now a cover.

    Are we actually in another cold war, biological this time, with an hidden enemy: China, Deep State…?

    Like the majority of people, I have no clue.

    The key is probably in what you said:
    “They are protecting our borders while likely working on several other operations”

    Ani idea at all what these operations might be, if they are not about rescuing children?

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • Nece

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that coronavirus cases and deaths are going down with the warmer weather. Even in places that didn’t impose govt orders to close businesses and stay home. I’m old enough to remember when Trump suggested that might happen he was relentlessly mocked by the media and Dems.

  • Claude Albert

    Thank you Corey. Brilliant work as always. I am torn as well by doing “nothing” but I will remain optimistic and put on the Full Armour Of God as our favorite anon has suggested. Whether Q is real or a PsyOp, the fact remains that our being solid, Heart centered, and strong loving member’s in our communities will be essential.
    Prepare for the Storm but never fear it!!

    God Bless you!


  • Sylvia M. Hertel

    Brilliant coverage, per usual, but I’ll have to read it thoroughly later. I noticed one aspect you missed, or at least, I didn’t see it – there are two (2) coronaviruses. One with a 100% kill rate, the other with a 1% kill rate. The one is connected to the adrenochrome users and synthetic adrenochrome, also made in Wuhan in the same lab the viruses came out of. Start at 1:11:25 in this video for an explanation. …..and this one came out this morning –

    You can contact Gene directly for more information. His contact information is given in the first video above.

    Thank you, so much for your great work!

  • Tracy

    I really haven’t seen anything in this article or any other that proves viruses exist or if they do exist that they are contagious or what causes them. There are many theories in the scientific community I have seen being thrown about for political and financial gain. The idea that we will have to have government approval to leave our homes and take mandatory vaccines is terrifying, especially when we look at how many people have been maimed or killed by them in past outbreaks. I don’t think we know enough about this topic to say what is causing these deaths. The portion of this article that covered testing said nothing about what we are testing for and exactly what that information proves or disproves. If we are basing these tests on information coming out of China, as Birx seems to be indicating, that is a huge mistake given their track record. No one has answered those questions or shown actual facts or evidence of anything. In the daily briefings we get a whole lot of hot air, evasion and rhetoric.

    These deaths can just as easily be attributed to 5g as they can to a virus. There are theories about different releases of tech coinciding with outbreaks of illness, including the 1918 Spanish Flu. There are studies that indicate that 5g can cause flu like symptoms and that it can block the uptake of O2 in hemoglobin. We know that ventilators damage lung tissue and that it’s cumulative. Couple these thoughts with the fact that the industry has refused to do safety testing on 5g and I smell a rat. It’s certainly something that should be investigated. We know for a fact that Wuhan went live with 5g on 10/31/2019 and their first cases were in November. Cruise ships and hospitals use 5g, Italy and Spain are up with 5g, major cities in the USA are live with 5g. Most of fly over had towers installed last summer and power companies have been adding the equipment to light poles for a couple of years. There’s definitely a correlation to the severe outbreaks. Instead of being channeled in to one theory by those who stand to gain we should be investigating all possibilities.

    It’s obvious that we really haven’t got a clue what is going on medically. The people on the task force, the media, the private institutions like CDC, gov agencies like NIH, Bill Gates, the pharmaceutical industry, governors etc…cannot be trusted with testing, drugs, supplies, unlimited emergency powers or vaccinations. There are just way too many agendas out there. One thing I know for a fact is when our constitution is suspended we don’t tend to get those protections and liberties back. Our protections, as citizens, in the USA, depend on separation of power. We all know that power is a corrupting force on humans. The COG changes, by Bush, after 9/11, and emergency powers given to governors at the same time leave us vulnerable to communist take over and tyranny via martial law. We really do not have a reliable way back from that and if we look at history the prognosis isn’t promising. We need to restore our republic, our great constitution and our values. My greatest fear is that we won’t come out of this as a free nation. Without freedom is life worth living? Our ancestors didn’t think so and I tend to agree with them.

  • Steve Cummings

    Very good journalism as usual Corey! I have been wondering for quite a while now, as I question the ‘truths’ we have been told (and discovered more and more lies…..history is basically a work of semi fiction), and with what we are going through “what are viruses” came to mind. The explanation that it is not alive, but needs a host body to replicate has always struck me as weird. Thinking further, why would it exist at all? What purpose does it serve? Is it a quasi life? Of course, we think of everything is made of energy, and the short version of sensible Quantum Mechanics is that Life created the Universe, not the other way around, so I go back to the idea “why are there viruses” Even if you think in Darwinian terms (which for the most part is nonsense in itself), how could a ‘semi life’ come to being? Then I watched this video with Dr. Thomas Cowen, and it all made sense; mind blown! I recommend this video as a great, short explanation to one of the greatest hoaxes of all time; there are no viruses!!!!

  • Jen Claybourne

    I’d like to suggest that everyone keep in mind that:
    “They” have deliberately killed millions with MANY methods:
    War, mainstream Medicine (vaccines, deadly drugs, deadly
    disease protocols like chemo/radiation), weaponized food,
    exotic weapons like “non-lethal weapons” (5G is in that
    category and (by the way) it can be turned up or down,)
    manufacturing viruses and then patenting them, etc.
    I could go on and on and on . . . but you get the message.
    That absolutely has to be taken into consideration when
    trying to figure out the true reason(s) for this apocalyptic
    response to a (maybe) virulent virus.

  • Aria Appleford

    This may be one of your best yet. It answers a lot of questions I have had and provides some sanity. There is so much conjecture and speculation out there it is good to have logic. I will be sharing this with everyone I can.

  • Steven Hanline

    Outstanding journalism. Thank you for this reporting.
    My mother passed away on December 26, 2020 From breathing complications and shut down. I was by her side, holding on to her. Unfortunately, I learned what a death rattle is. It was beyond hard for me to hold her hand through these last moments. She requested a DNR bracelet, came home and passed. She was born in 1946. I wonder.. no it couldn’t have been.. I was with her the whole time. I sure miss my mom.

    • Corey Lynn

      I am so sorry Steven! I’ve been at someone’s side during that and it is very difficult to watch. I’m so sorry you lost your mom. Sending prayers and love your way.

  • Carolyn L McDowell

    Tracy brings up some very good points. esp regarding the 5G rollout. 5G has not been tested. It is much more harmful to life than 4G. Another point is that the people of Wuhan, China had just implemented mandatory vaccines, along with just opening up their 5G SMART grid through the city right before the outbreak happened.. . The heavy metals in vaccines are an antennae drawing in the 5G like a sponge. So this amplification of the 5G is a ‘red flag’. This is a ‘false flag’ operation planned by the elites to push forward their NWO globalist totalitarian technocratic police state. A ‘false flag’ does not mean there is not a virus, it means the ‘virus’ is used as cover for a deeper sinister agenda. The way the media and politicians are whipping the public into hysteria, panic, and fear is one big clue, they want to paralyze and destabilize us. The total deaths from this ‘virus’ are no more than the flu in for the same period of time a year ago. It’s all hysteria and panic. Meanwhile our freedoms are being taken away, they will force vaccines on us. The recent insane push for vaccines tells me there is a deeper sinister agenda, it’s much more than profits. Vaccines not only include a cocktail of toxic poisons, they include live viruses, aborted fetal tissue from humans and/or animals, sterilization agents, and nano-chips that will program our minds from satellites. They want us to be ‘zombies’, their little puppets, and one of the NWO agendas is to depopulate the world by two thirds. Bill Gates even lets this slip (that the vaccines are a part of the plan to depopulate world) in one of his Ted talks.

  • Dee

    What I would like to know is when do they start treatment? When you test positive? If they are treating you with antivirals, antibiotics and steroids what already immune compromised person has a chance? With SARS it seemed the treatment did more harm than good.

  • Susan Koehrn

    I wish you had included the parallel numbers of how many of these patients had received the flu vaccine this season, previously to getting sick. I would be very interested to see that comparison.

  • Karen

    I believe this has been going on since at least November 2019. The shutting down of private sector business and jobs is a willful destruction that cannot be justified. The damage that’s been done is enormous and will continue for a long, long while. From the onset of this, the media has been orchestrated in its message and fear mongering. The shifting guidelines and timelines have paralyzed the people with panic and fear. I know some old people who will not step outside their homes! This is no way to live.

    I think I had this in December and know 2 other family members who had it as well, one in December and one at the end of November. The 2 family members got it worse than I did (very sick for 3+ weeks) and are younger than I am. I was very sick for the first week but seemed to rebound the second week. I attribute this to mega dosing vitamin C which I do as a rule anyway, and which I kicked up a notch once I got sick. I was diagnosed with Flu B and prescribed Tamiflu but had read too many negative things about it and decided against picking it up and instead ate clean with no mucus producing foods, and took lots of vitamin C.

    This isn’t the way we’ve ever approached sickness before and I think it’s dangerous. It was so easy to destroy the lives of people and I fear what will happen in the future after this experience. I think being stuck at home endlessly with shifting timelines of when it will end is mental torture. If they’re concerned about our health, then consider this. Destroying lives to save lives is a terrible strategy.

    I will honestly say that I am very disappointed in President Trump. The forgotten men and women who he promised to help were the ones who have suffered the most with this. He has always come across as strong, but when he’s standing with the deep state destroyers of humanity,he defers to them. I keep hoping he’ll show up one day without them and shout, “Enough, we’re open for business,” but the longer this persists, the less hope I have. The states continue to add more encroaching guidelines to follow that show how mad they are with their power and Trump tells us he’s happy with the jobs they’re doing. What? At this point, the Dems are getting most of what they wanted without winning the presidency. We’re on home arrest, are herded like cattle to buy food, they’re telling us we can’t buy non essential things, and we cannot work to support our families.

    It’s just tragic and disastrous and I can’t believe it’s happening and that it hasn’t been stopped by now.

  • Panama

    So delighted to have found your blog, Corey. You surely do a great job at research and it gives your well-written piece legitimacy and power! I’m very much tuned into the backstory on this virus and you might check today’s for an interesting article from Dr. Farrell.

  • lee stephanos rott

    WOW! so this is why drugs, homosexuality and destruction of families are promoted;
    ALL of these factors combine to CREATE compromised immune systems! Add to this social distancing, loss of employment and reduced production of Vitamin D[less sunlight] and we have a perfect storm of sickness and disease..
    However, drug use by American, English, Dutch, Canadian and Australian male homosexuals has been reported in the scientific literature: They use batteries of recreational drugs as sexual stimulants, including poppers (nitrite inhalants), amphetamines, ethyl chloride, cocaine, speed, heroin, in addition to a “polypharmacy” of medical drugs. Many of these, and particularly combinations of these drugs cause AIDS defining diseases – regardless of the presence of HIV.
    A solution presents itself; reverse all stated ‘mitigations/recommendations’ of the CDC and WHO;
    sunlight, nutrition, vitamin A, C, immunity enhancing spices, herbs and plants. love and marriage, heterosexuality..

  • Joy

    Fabulous fabulous work Carey. I have 1 question. I had read an article , and I am so sorry I can’t remember where, but it stated that intracellular zinc levels are low,’and difficult to raise even with supplements, hence the value of the chloroquine , which assists in an increase in intracellular zinc, which is really what causes viral demise. I had seen 220 mg zinc is what they used with success per the report. I’m an RN and really believe in the power of the body to heal itself, but the usual persons diet and the fact the food no longer is as nourishing as it was ….. well.. . Question: do all patients on chloroquine get zinc, and if some do or don’t, is it a measurable difference in outcome?

  • Lee Rott

    hey brother
    hey sister
    hello family of good, decent people world wide.
    as long as we’re still alive, we can breathe, speak aloud away from phones/computers’
    to all that ever was, is or shall be, and unburden our hearts.
    make the best decisions, take the best actions we can. each day.
    there is what we’re going through now.
    there will be days we do not yet forsee.
    just as an attack reveals intention, so do evil policies reveal much to a much wider audience.
    when the road gets darker, more will notice.
    i agree with those who’ve said; love and care for your self,
    then share your energy, care and attention with those you can..

  • Janene Judd

    Thank you for all the research you put into your articles! I pray the supply situation at hospitals and nursing homes improves quickly and the numbers of afflicted decline.

  • Muhammad al-Baqir

    I have watched several videos of “ghost hospitals” made by “citizen journalists”. It wasn’t just that the hospitals appeared to be extraordinarily quiet, but that no one in/around them seemed to know what, if anything, was going on. Outside one hospital, an ambulance officer could offer little information. He said he thought he might have handled a few Covid-19 cases that day, but his remarks conveyed no sense of crisis. In other footage, we were taken through a large screening tent that was eerily empty. And at another scene – in New York, if I remember correctly – a testing station, earlier shown (in a mainstream news report) with a long queue outside, was completely deserted.

    I have a screenshot, taken from a (BBC) Channel 4 news report, that purports to show a Covid-19 patient being treated in a hospital. But if you look closely at the head, the unnatural hairline becomes obvious. Furthermore, there’s a notice on the wall that reads, “No food and/or drinks allowed near mannequins and/or task trainers”.

    None of this proves anything, but it certainly raises suspicions.

  • Corrin

    Narrow your margins. The format is unreadable on an iPad and you can’t scroll wide enough to make the letters bigger enough

  • Carrie

    What Karen wrote is spot on! I want to trust the President, but am losing faith each day. Fauci, Birx and Gates seem to be running this country into the ground with the President’s blessing, and the power-mad assistance of many governors and the media. Other than Corey and a few others whose reach is sadly limited, no one in the media is demanding real answers about whether the tests are accurate, whether 5G is part of this, whether it’s been here since last fall, so the curve is already flattened, etc. The goalposts keep getting moved with no end in sight! Most frightening of all are the cowardly sheep who are already turning on their fellow citizens and are actively requesting further loss of liberty, or reporting those who won’t live in fear. The psychological torture of social distancing is real, as well. We need an exit strategy. Fast!

  • William Peck

    Really good, but obviously distressing. It’s definitely more than the virus, it’s the battle for our nation.

    But think about it – the people in virtually all high places, think that
    – the earth is 4.5 B years old (or is it 3.5? I always forget)
    – global warming is not only real, but scary, and ALSO man caused
    – it’s ok to kill a baby in the womb,
    – it’s defacto ex-communication from the intelligentsia if you believe in a biblical, 6-day creation.
    – they’re know-it-all’s …

    How can you be governed by people who do not recognize reality as God created it? They’re literally NOT scientists.

    One more – they don’t understand sin, so they think smart = wise. Our Founding Fathers (and those that came before them) understood sin, in a big way.

  • Jess

    Hello Cory. Thank you for the well written article. I actually believe my husband, 18 year old son and myself all had the virus sometime in Nov. last year. We live in Texas. My husband had pneumonia and soon after that devolped many small blood clots in his lungs along with multiple DVT’s in his left leg, requiring hospitilization. Prior to this he was a Very fit late 40’s, I never get sick and was actually sick for 2 weeks with and elephant sitting in my chest. My 18 year old is still coughing months later. We are very healthy organic people so this was hard on us all.
    The point. I think there my be a correlation between the aberrations of healthy people falling very I’ll/dying and people with a genetic tendency to have blood clots. I think this is an important genetic marker doctors should consider when fighting this virus. Thank you for your work.

  • rog

    See Dr. Andy Kaufman. He posits exosomes are being labeled Covid19, that this “virus” does not satisfy even one of the Koch postulates, that no virus has ever been isolated, and no one has ever proven that a virus can be transmitted from person to person. This is the rest of the story and until you have investigated this side of it an accurate understanding of what is really going on here is unlikely as most medical professionals are schooled in germ theory and an allopathic understanding of disease. It’s an old story, Bechamp vs. Pasteur.

    None of the tests reveal the actual presence of a virus or viral load. They show genetic material assumed to be associated with a virus or they indicate antibodies that, before Dr Fauci turned these test upside down during the HIV scare, indicated immunity from a virus and not infection. In fact, Kaufman says, because no virus has ever been isolated the very existence of viruses is in question.

    This does look like a cover for some very nefarious doings and if allowed to come to fruition, you may not like the outcome.

  • Sam Thrapp

    Great research Corey, but what I would like to know is, for those who have been severely affected or killed by the virus, what was their vaccination history? Had they been taking annual flu shots, and or did they get a SARS or H1N1 vaccine? I don’t know if you could get access to any of that type of information but someone needs to do a study on it so we can see if there is a common denominator among those severely affected people.

    Also, were these people in the vicinity of any 5G transmitters? I’ve heard that both Wuhan and Italy had implemented 5G, and there were a few places in the US starting to implement it as well but I’m not sure at what locations. I know there are different types of 5G (Low, Mid, and High band) and I think the low band has already been implemented throughout the US, but it uses a lower frequency range than even 4G did so that’s probably not a dangerous type of 5G. The Mid and High bands however, use a much higher frequency (higher even than microwave ovens) so these bands could possibly be very dangerous.

  • Muhammad al-Baqir

    Yes, I read your article, and was a little bothered by the implication – or what seemed, to me, to be an implication – that reports of empty hospitals are/were not based on sound information. I might have added that there is another video clip in which a hospital spokeswoman, who earlier said her hospital had been “overwhelmed”, becomes defensive-aggressive when a “citizen reporter” points out that her hospital is clearly NOT overwhelmed. Surely, if the spokeswoman had been telling the truth, she would have offered a calm and reasonable explanation of the situation.

    We also have this from UKColumn News on April 1: “UKColumn has been told by . . . NHS staff that anyone being admitted to hospital with respiratory problems are automatically being classified as COVID19 . . . Other NHS reports state that specialist COVID19 wards and facilities remain empty.”

    The video clips referred to above can be found in videos recently posted online by Dana Ashlie, Polly St George and Gemma O’Doherty. The UKColumn News program of April 1 can be viewed on its website.

  • Joan Tetzlaff

    This is an interesting post that talks about high ferritin, hemoglobin, red blood cells. I was under the impression that the virus attached to the lungs and impacted breathing similar to what happens when a blood clot leads to a Pulmonary embolism. But this explains it in a different way.

  • Paul

    I was not familiar with your work, but I will be taking a great interest in the future. Your research is outstanding. In fact it’s the only thing I’ve read which makes any real sense. Keep digging!

  • Che

    Great article!

    Put simply, humanity has been asleep while being chained together into a future of slavery. Some woke up enough to elect Trump, vote Brexit and riot through France and Hong Kong just before the shackles were engaged. We took them by surprise, but the entrenched powers that be are not going to releasing their grip on power voluntarily. Even now there is a lot of debate about why these corrupt, criminal, likely satanic elements were not simply taken out. I think, deep down, we all know why.

    A swift, lawless solution would’ve achieved nothing. It would’ve tainted whatever comes next with immorality and evil when we’ve all seen enough of that. As well, such a swift easy victory would not have made an impact on the waking public. No, we must all see the depravity and evil with our own eyes. We must be shocked out of our daydream state at how some amongst us are inhuman. They have none of the traits we identify as human. They hate us, they wish to enslave us, they do unspeakable acts to our children, technocracy and money are their motivation and evil is their god.

    Somehow we trusted and allowed these demons to take over our societies. They moved slowly and bit by bit, atrocity by atrocity they infiltrated their fellow travellers throughout Government, Business and institutions. We ignored their excesses, we allowed their breaches of rule of law. We all need to take the hardest lesson from this. We turned blind eyes, day in and day out a million transgressions, each emboldening the evil to take another step.

    When we all wake up, when we all see we allowed this evil, when we take the required lesson to never ever allow this to begin, that is when change will happen. Encourage everyone around you to drop the fear. Find ways to point out the evil that surrounds us all. Trump leads with clues daily.

    Chloroquinine is a no brainer. Show those waking up how it’s effective, how it’s pennies to buy and most importantly how it’s out of license. Show them how the entire pharma, fear, disease deep state are apoplectic about this. Show them Gates and his interminable “vaccine” mantra, how he will spend billions building factories for 9 vaccines but they will only make two. Why? Because the return will be trillions. They intend turning this into their wet dream. Global vaccination with everyone “barcoded” trackable and controllable. “sorry sir/madame you don’t have the required vaccine so we can’t allow you to travel”. “Sorry lady you haven’t had the latest vaccine, you can’t return to work, in fact you need to self quarantine until you get it”.

    These people love China, their aim is one world government ruled by elites and technocrats, the rest of us in a slave/surveillance state existence. Until Gates’ beloved death committee decides we no longer have anything worthwhile to exploit so they terminate us. When we truly accept that is the future they intend for us, this silent war will continue.

  • Ron Jones

    Thank you so much for this work! Your reporting on this, and other issues is a breath of fresh air amongst both the corporate fake news AND the “hello patriot” types on YouTube, who weave fantastic tales.

    In the two months or so since Coronavirus became a thing, I have noticed an explosion of completely unfounded balderdash being offered without a shred of proof….

    What makes it worse is that my bar for plausibility is not that high, considering…
    ASIDE: Since I first read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, way back in 1998 (in which he offers documentation… you know… “proof” 😉 ), I have known that things are not what they seem, and that there are very powerful people who profit off war, misery, and the labor of us all. But, of course, anyone who has read Psalms chapter 2 knew this long ago.

    Even with a willingness to look outside the box, I need to see something convincing, even if it’s circumstantial. Sure, rescuing children from DUMBs is a nice thought. But there has not been a single video, or picture, or shred of evidence. Which makes the whole thing suspect. Remember the rapidity with which the “film your hospital” hashtag started and took off? If there were masses of children being rescued, we would be inundated by video from citizen journalists.



  • scott henson

    Steve Cummings I tried to watch the video you linked to but it has been taken down by utube. They are censoring a lot of videos that go against the mainstream narrative! A**hats!

  • ...

    Was wondering if the drug cocktails seniors in nursing homes are on could be a factor. Humira, from a class of drugs called Biologics, is an arthritis drug. But their website says it leaves people susceptible to infection and TB.
    We know overprescribing drugs to seniors is a thing. And seniors have arthritis. Could there be a connection? A population primed by an immunosuppressant drug to be susceptible to infections?
    Humira is a top seller and was so heavily advertised last year.
    It seems like asking if bigpharma pushing so many drugs on people is weakening people is taboo to ask because that’s messing with their money.

    Also…as far as trusting gates and big pharma….has everyone forgotten Vioxx? It killed 60,000 people before Merck took it off the market.

  • PAUL

    Every day we get new figures about COVID-19. They don’t mean a lot because nobody can understand them anyway. But what are the figures for common influenza this year? In fact does it even exist any more? I guarantee anybody who gets the flu will become a COVID-19 statistic. And there will be no explanation of any kind.

  • Theresa Corlew

    I would be interested in knowing what the medical professionals really think of self isolation. Great article!

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