Social Disruption Contours

The world is swirling in a tornado of social disruption, creating waves of cognitive dissonance through endless minds. The confusion in the masses is palpable. George Soros must be pleased. The mind knows the reality, or at least it thinks it does. Each street corner speaks a different message, every television channel ­spins a different web, every voice utters words of chaos. Where are your thoughts safe from impeding dissonance? In the privacy of your own home, or does the family all speak in different tones?

Does it feel like the ground is shaking beneath you, like everything is rotating counterclockwise? Have your days bled together, and your nights seem shorter? Have you reached information overload or are you thirsty for more? More of what? What is it that you really seek? Truth? What is truth to you? Are you splintered into a million pieces of distortion, and you can’t find your way back to what you thought was your reality?

This social disruption is taking hold and bending minds. Where has logic gone? Did it dissipate into thin air and bring intuition along for the ride? Maybe you wonder why you were born at this point in time, to navigate this upheaval, and bear witness to a new layer breathing its way across earth, creating a new life force and causing all to question everything. Is this the greatest time to be alive, or are you stuck in the trenches?

So many thoughts, reflections, ideas, stories, questions – always with questions. Have you asked yourself how you feel today? Have you told yourself that you are loved? Have you allowed yourself to step away, to empty your mind, to sense what you feel without thought? Do you find yourself in a state of angst or a state of peace?

No matter how strong you believe yourself to be, and no matter how much conviction you have for your beliefs, how much knowledge you feel you have accrued, you are human, and this world is in a state of social disruption with contours bending minds across the globe. Do you feel it? You would have to be numb not to.  No, you’re not going crazy, and all of your friends or family members that see things differently than you are not going crazy either. There are waves coming at you from every direction, even those you don’t see or hear, and they are causing disruption.

Everyone’s thoughts have gone off the rails from time to time. Trying to reel it in can be challenging. Go back to the basics, use logic, process the possibilities and don’t sensationalize. Some things are exactly as they seem, while others are entirely different than how you choose to see them. Consider that while you reacquaint yourself with your innate intuition.

What is the one place that brings you peace? Is it the tree in your backyard, the rock down by the river, the park you sometimes walk through, a sacred quiet room in your home, the front porch in the wee hours of the morning? Go to that space more often and sit in peace. Empty your mind and just breathe. Everything will unfold as it is supposed to. We may choose to believe we are in control of all external things, but the reality is, we are only in control of ourselves. We choose how we wish to feel, think, expend energy, spend our time, and what we wish to believe in. It’s all a choice. Sometimes escaping from this illusive reality is exactly what we need to remember that.

The social disruption will continue for a long time, so pace yourself, be kind to yourself, and be patient with others. It is much like stepping off a plane into another country, an entirely different culture, with symbolism and language that confuses you and may not resonate. But you will be there for a while, so it’s necessary to adjust and connect with your soul – your guiding force. This land may feel strange right now, but the footprint of your soul is still inside of you – is you. Remember that. When in doubt, turn to your heart, give yourself a hug, and know that you are loved. Stay the course – your soul’s course.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Laura Jackson

    Your observations are extremely accurate. I see it and feel it too. It doesn’t always seem like it was 50 years ago, but at the time, in my 20’s I needed help guiding my thoughts and feelings. The entire story doesn’t bear repeating, but I sought out the help and found it. The most important lesson for me at the time was that I decide what to think, and I decide how I’m going to feel about it.

    With the non-stop bombardment of information designed to either inflame or to assuage feelings, I am conscious of the attempt to manipulate mine. I am content living without a television (weapon of choice for the media) and choosing what I read or watch online.

    Thank you for your insight.

  • Paula

    That approach indicates that the forces of evil have succeeded in eliminating God and our supernatural destiny from our lives and thoughts. It is His order that we crave, our souls long for Him. Anything else falls short and will never satisfy. “Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.”

  • Amber Albert

    The feeling in the air is palpable! One thing I am noticing is that evil is no longer bothering to hide itself. It has always existed, but lately they are programming the masses to accept it as normal. Netflix even has a show called Lucifer! I also can’t help but notice that evil is still being pushed through the television programs. The are trying to normalize both cannibalism and pedophilia. Pedophiles now want to be called Minor Attracted Persons, and to have it seen as a life choice or some b.s. #NotOnMyWatch, full term “abortions” are legalized, forced vaccinations and loss of autonomy over our own, and our children’s bodies, CPS is trafficking kids, there gun grab in VA and advertising for disarmament enforcement in NY, and censorship of every viewpoint that contradicts the narrative. Things are coming to a head for sure.


    My “Hub Of Peace” is a Person – Jesus Christ. I am in peace when I read His Word, pray, meditate upon Him, and turn to Him anywhere and anytime.

    The devil sews disorder, and the globalist minions are his mouthpieces. My sense of discernment is always active in distinguishing the difference between the Spirit Of Truth and the spirit of error. Truth is objective and exists whether I know it or not. When objective truth and my subjective awareness align, therein is where I know the truth. When what I believe comes in conflict with objective truth, I surrender my untruthful beliefs immediately. I will follow the truth wherever it leads, at whatever the costs. Upon this truth, I stand and will fight with everything I have, until darkness is swallowed up by the Light. #DarkToLight

  • brb

    Since 2016, it’s been consistent non-interrupted wave exactly how you explained it. One day, the sadness and heartache feel like they will take me and the next day I see something so ridiculous I laugh hysterically and yell at the radio. HA! I know somethings going on because this “process” has taken almost 40 years and the past 5 have been a roller coaster. Thanks George. 😉

    With the regular quakes here on the west coast, skies full of unbelievable colors and objects unknown at this point, the world does seem like it’s been turned upside down.

    I am very thankful for the turbulent time to grow closer to the Holy Spirit and get hit with the reality of what’s truly good and evil. We have to remember there are so many of us out here that have each other and are light and love and still outnumber some of those rotten dead bulbs.

    My Thoughts Lately and Maybe We Need to Spread this Around: (Please)
    1. WE OWE THEM NOTHING. You don’t owe your life, your families lives, your hard earned money. NONE OF IT.
    2. Taxes, war and corrupt schemes using families for engineering projects, done. Come together.
    3. Social Media is the biggest weapon out there right now. I can’t express this one enough. Some still don’t know this.

    And Last But Not Least:
    3. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NON NEGOTIABLE. END OF STORY. Don’t argue with children. Know your rights. Exercise them.

    “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber”
    ~(The Rise of the NWO Straight from their classless mouths)

    Time for the bullies to sit in timeout.

    God Bless.

  • Parfie

    Stunningly, it feels as though We The People never get a win… Social Media is gone, from my POV. Why the hell hasn’t Georgie been arrested yet? Seriously, if We The People are continually denied justice…not only for the crimes against POTUS, but what about crimes against us and Humanity. It is glaringly obvious that we will not see justice. Who benefits from a bunch of Patriots frustrated and angry? Loosh anyone? Immigration hasn’t stopped either…with a huge increase in H1B Visa’s. I’m done with it all. Anyone remember the “sales job” given to people when they were wanting to make/keep electronic records? Crime would be solved so quickly pay, as we wouldn’t have to wait for snail mail, faxes, etc…it would all be accessible with a warrant. Next Month, AG Barr will have been in a year, if I recall correctly? This is ridiculous! 2 years for Mueller? 1 year for a coup…3 years of his presidency? Then there is this curious Coup….funny, in every Coup I have ever read about…Military gives a press release stating the target is secured, and then later or at the same time, they also say something about the country being secured. We haven’t heard from our Military at all…almost seems like one continuous gas lighting from EVERYONE (Media Whores, State Legislators, Federal Gov and many “popular influencers”. Is Q et al, engineering a revolution? Who benefits? George will have his people there, when we create a “new” Constitution — Count on it! Sure looks like it to me. I’d love a public explanation from our Leaders about why George is not in custody yet? We The People have enough evidence to indict, and as far as I’m concerned, it needs to happen within a week, or this country is gonna blow. Then we have Virginia… which if they continue (other states are planning this too), then this in my opinion, is nothing more than planned Genicide of gun owners. The people have the right to defend themselves, and telling people who are this frustrated with their government, is orchestrated,and planned. It’s PLANNED Democide (governments killing their own people) of the Lawful .gun owners of this country. I plan to call it what it is, and I welcome anyone else to join me in saying so. How many nights are Avg Joe Americans crimes are on the TV? 1, if they did something awful? Yet we have crimes discussed for 3 years? Crimes committed on National Television…Sedition, Subersion, Treason, death threats? There is no win for us Patriots…what a damn shame. God Bless You Corey, Thank You for all of your excellent work and perspective.

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