You Were Lied To – You Do Exist

From the moment you came out of your mother’s womb, you were still connected to light, to God, to the universe, to everything. Where the mind couldn’t process, all of your senses were working overtime. Love filled your heart and curiosity consumed you.

Then it began. Life took hold, and with every breath, a new word, a new idea, and a new perception were thrusted into your mind. They weren’t your own, but you digested them as best you could. The teachers played their roles, parents followed what they were taught, the radios buzzed with noise, and televisions blasted you with imagery to fill your databank.

Before long, you were doing as told, obeying the rules, staying on everyone else’s schedule, and studying what you were told to learn. By the time you began forming deep thoughts of your own, you had been stripped of your senses, primarily your sixth sense. That connection experienced as a baby was a distant memory. You were now part of the system, the indoctrination, the inevitable sleight of hand, being groomed by those who weren’t the wiser.

One day, your mind was swirling with endless ideas about the world, and you dared to discuss it in school, or maybe at home. But you were quickly brushed off because these very ideas did not align with what others had been taught and instructed to teach. How could they respond or discuss that which they themselves could not comprehend or even begin to entertain? So, you stuffed it away and became more disconnected.

Perhaps you lived through the hippie era, only to find that this free-spirited vibe was being stomped out by those who wanted to keep these secrets sacred and to themselves? They created the legend of drugs and freeloaders to remove the shine from the free spirits trying to promote peace and find their way back to the lost connection. Not that drugs weren’t used of course. Or maybe you were making your way through the “new age” movement, such as they liked to call it. Their way of assigning labels, to box up everyone as crackerjacks, and once again shun spirituality and the deeper connection. They even groomed and constructed gurus, so with each movement, more followers could be deemed as crackerjacks.

The Yogis had their calling as well. Yoga studios were popping up on every corner and people were buying up packaged classes faster than they could hire instructors. Soon, it too became the talk of “ultra-spiritual” people going overboard with their spirituality, thinking they were all “Zen,” just to discount another movement. The crystal bowl meditations quickly made their rounds, and off to tinfoil hats again. Always trying to stomp out the bliss.

Again and again they infiltrated and created movements to control a twisted narrative that would steer people away from this connection – this profound inner/outer connection. They were certain to leave those pages blank throughout your years of education. And while they had everyone idolizing gurus, actors, musicians, and so-called famous people, they drew you further and further away from yourself, while telling you how to think, what to believe, and how to be.

Were you one of the lucky ones? Were you a child that remained so strongly connected that all of your senses broke through all bounds, you saw through clear lenses, and you felt everything? Everything. Did you catch the illusions? Did you hear the words coming out of mouths while hearing the real truths masked by the words? Did you feel their souls contradict their minds? Did you see the energy in all things as it vibrated its way through discourse? Could you touch their heart without physically moving? Did you ride the waves of light through time and space wondering how this veil, so thin, is so disguised to many? Did you wonder why those around you seemed so disoriented, disheartened, and disconnected? Did you wish you could escape the veil of transparency, or did you wish you could ride that wave forever?

There is resonance in vibration – truth engrained in all forms – powerful light within all beings. Those that knowingly and unknowingly stole that from you, are not the enemy. The enemy is yourself. For those who continue to deny that which is in every living vessel, to shun it, to shake it, to refuse to acknowledge it – you are hiding from your own shadow. For some, this connection is frightening, because it has been buried for so long, it’s like welcoming a stranger into your most intimate existence. For others, it is the fear of waking up. Just as those who find it difficult to wake up from the illusions and falsehoods presented on this earth plane, they find it more difficult to wake up to the intangible plane that their soul longs for.

Yet, here you are. You are waking up to the realities, the illusions, the falsehoods and lies, while trying to discern what is truth, what to shed, and what to seek. And in this very moment, you can make the choice to greet your soul with a recognition, a faith, a belief, that you are an all-powerful being, connected to the light that carries with it a vibration that can offer you the comfort you seek, with undeniable discernment, compassion, and intuition that will provide you with clear lenses moving forward. A connection to a higher consciousness that cannot be unseen, unfelt, or turned off, once that reconnection is made.

You have been lied to. There is another world that exists. Strip away all the labels, the “movements,” the gurus, and the naysayers – YOU are the other world. Each and every one of you. And it’s a glorious world – a world where all of your innate, God-given higher consciousness exists. It was with you, in you, a part of you all along.

Welcome home.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Julie

    Thank you Corey!
    This is a beautiful article. It expresses the truth of everyone.
    Being born in 55 I have seen it all, yet I have alway’s had the LIGHT living in me. I refused to be like everyone else in this World. I chose to be set apart in my life and have been guided by Almighty God and Jesus Christ on my path.
    I have been awake for a very long time. My life had it’s storm’s, yet now I live with peace, love, and a pure Spirit.
    Be blessed Corey!


    A beautifully written piece on the most mysterious and least understood phenomenon of the Universe. Writers, in particular, become aware and sensitive of consciousness due to spending so much time in an internal dialog as they compose their thoughts for presentation to the outside world. We each emerged from a sensory deprivation chamber and gradually awakened into the Infinite. Soon, we learn to code and decode the tiny patterns and discover that we can communicate with other spirits. In time we discover that the dream-like quality of life is because our perceptions of the Universe are all hallucinations all the time. How could it be otherwise? The ME I AM has never been exposed to the outer light. The SELF has always had to translate detected signals into a hologram representation of our surroundings. Even more remarkable is the ability to project the personality SELF and look back and critique one’s work or the work of others.

    Over the years, ( I am 83 years old now ), we become sensitive to these patterns. So mcuh so taht eevn if the petetrns go wnorg for smoe rsoean the cdoing ssytem can sltil do cerroctions qutie eaisly as lnog as the fisrt letetr and the lsat lteter are corrcet. The same thing may be said of familiar expressions. For instance, there has always been an expression associated with magic tricks known as ‘sleight of hand’. Consequently, when I read:
    “You were now part of the system, the indoctrination, the inevitable slide of hand, being groomed by those who weren’t the wiser.”
    it causes me to wonder if this was intended to be ‘sleight of hand’?

  • Donna Ruth

    Fascinating. I love the imagery of the first paragraph.

    Scripture reminds us we are “strangers and sojourners” on this earth.

    Saints and mystics have found the secret.

    From my corner, Christians who have fallen deeply in love with Jesus Christ and contemplate Him and study the Scriptures while begging for inspiration find that light and peace.

    As a Catholic, I believe that heaven touches earth during the Consecration at the Mass – and the peace and depth of that contemplation warms the heart and fuels the soul. Grace.

    As for getting older and having experienced the gentler 50’s and early 60’s, and having watched the last 50+ years as an adult, I find that one seems to gradually move further up and away, and with each passing day be able to “hover” more, finding and viewing the greater picture. It can feel a bit frustrating knowing you have glimpses of a bigger picture, for you know that each person has to work through his/her own journey. The great secret is that Light and Peace are freely available.

    Spera in Deo.

  • Aurora

    Every time a human being recognizes and fathoms their spark within it increases the light of all the sparks already shining bright through their awakening.

  • James Anderson

    I’m 71 now, but I can remember as if it were yesterday, at age 5 or 6, being struck with ecstasy realizing how utterly magnificent and astounding it is to be alive; to have consciousness. The miracle of actually existing in this life, in the here and now, seemed to be given to me by God. I felt His overwhelming presence. I almost cried with the joy of life.
    Corey, your essay made me feel that tender moment all over again and that all life is precious and the power of the individual.
    Keep up the fine work you do.

  • Amy Gisborne

    Beautiful article! Recently, I commented to someone about feeling “connected” to and “loved” by other woke people through communicating on social media-an idea that I’ve always thought was inorganic and a way of disconnecting from true social interaction. As I was typing, I thought to myself, “You must be crazy! You cannot connect with people you’ve never met before-and they certainly don’t “love” you!” I quickly bypassed those old tapes because the experience was so different-and I felt very open. Long story short-while reading your article, it occurred to me that what I was and have been feeling is all part of being awake. And this feeling of connectedness is a real, felt, and shared experience which may be a manifestation of Jung’s “collective unconscious”. So thank you for your insight, and of course all of the hard work that you put into bringing truth to light.

  • melissa

    Brilliant writing! Thank you Coreys Digs. I also enjoyed the comment by Donald Head. He’s right you know, it’s easy to decipher word patterns when the letters are rearranged. I laughed at his example! My soul is tender and lost at times. Confused yet yearning. I’m grateful for the yearning.

  • Drottiemom

    First of all I must tell you how beautifully this was written! You are a literary talent 1st & foremost, & are blessed with a great investigative mind.
    I’m one of those ppl you spoke of. Love others dearly, always had many friends in my life, but always felt as though I was standing a bit on the outside, observing because of what was being sold to the masses, I wasn’t buying.
    Always I knew how to read ppl & know what was & wasn’t in their heart. Everyone has an energy that is unique to them. Sometimes its so strong, it’s physically felt, in a handshake or a gesture.

    I guess that is why I always loved horses & animals so much! They are sensitive. It is engrained in their psyche as a fight or flight animal. I can relate!

  • Michael Calardo


    Your words strike a resonance that attacks my inner core. I was born in 1953. In 1963, I was in the 4th grade and the President of the United States, that we all loved, was shot in cold blood on TV. It was horrifying to everyone that experienced it.

    For years the visions of this assassination was unsettling and demanded explanation. As time passed, I always knew this assassination was not natural and not right. The story we were fed simply did not make sense and later studies proved that the story fed to us was simply wrong.

    This incident caused us to look deeper and soon we began to realize the previous U.S. history we were taught as children was incorrect and United States of America was not really what was described to us in school or in our history books. Corruption was a mainstay in the U.S government and has been since the early 1900’s.

    As we fast forward to the present, I now realize the corruption never ended, and in fact only became much worse. The corruption is now beyond imagination. i honestly did not believe it could be rectified any longer.

    But now there is hope with Trump and and his military intelligence support. Your information and the whole Q-Anon movement gives hope to all that we can become the nation that we thought we were.. Please keep up the great work you do and I will support your efforts in any way possible.

    Thank you for your work!

  • Teri Rose

    Before I’d ever heard anyone talk about Light, Love and what you expressed so beautifully, and things people now talk about from NDEs, I had one in a car wreck. Since waking in the hospital days later, now many years ago, I have been obsessed with what I saw. I believe we are meant to be that Light and Love here on earth. YOU are making that so much easier by giving people hope and exposing so much. Thank You for all you are doing! You are making a huge difference.

  • Jacqueline Lou McIntosh

    Wow, Corey, this is beautiful. I was born in 1961 and was raised to never follow the crowd. Even in Middle School I wondered why so many had to follow the crowd, be like everyone else. I never really fit in anywhere. I was the ‘weird’ one. Thank goodness my Father taught me to question everything, especially those things that made no sense, that gave me that ‘this doesn’t sound right’ feeling.
    Then, about 15 years ago, I began putting two and two together. I researched like crazy and found that it wasn’t just me, it was so much bigger than I imagined. As I kept digging I would try to explain to people how things had drastically changed over the years; what was allowed on T.V., the sky; the constant wars and all of the sickness and diseases. When I was a kid we never went to a doctor unless we were sick, now, every three months. But now I’m so glad that others are beginning to see that I wasn’t so weird. I’m so happy for those who now have the blinders fall off and who are now beginning to see what has been done to all of us. The truth really is stranger than fiction. Finally I don’t feel so all alone in this. Thank you so much for posting this particular article. It warms my heart to know that others are beginning to find their connection to their inner truth.

  • Columbanus O'Riada

    Thanks Corey, Yes in the end we will have a “new Song” WRITTEN” on our hearts and a “new name” as well?. Do you know? Your new name? My new name is “The new me” lol! A reciever of Photon Light/The Light. may the light shine within us all for it burns within the Children of the Great Evol-ve=Love. peace be with you Corey. Colm

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