The Solution Series

    The Solution Series: Financial Strategies During Wartime with Catherine Austin Fitts

    “I’m really big on prayer and also intuition. I’ve discovered, both for building a better map and for navigating an increasingly dangerous physical environment, our intuition really can guide us.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited to join here! By Corey Lynn and James White Few people command as much respect for their financial industry knowledge, expertise, successes, and class as Catherine Austin Fitts, and even fewer have gone head-to-head with a corrupt government. Today, everyone is in a battle to protect their families and communities against those perpetrating agendas against humanity. Catherine joins us to share her incredible wisdom and provide the tools and knowledge we need to engage in the battle. Though Catherine needs no introduction, she is the founder of The Solari Report and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.…

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