The Solution Series

    COVID-19 Stimulus Package & Tips for Those Struggling

    The impact of COVID-19 has swept the nation and seeped its way into every American household. It’s the ripple effect coming on like a tidal wave, that everyone wanted to swim away from. Unfortunately, we are all caught in the swimming pool, and the 40% of Americans who are self-employed are taking a hard hit, while many working for big corporations are now telecommuting. Everyone who runs a one-man-show, a small business with a few employees, freelances, is a contractor, drives for Uber, does gigs, journalism, is an independent accountant, realtor, hair stylist – you name it – they all fall into the category of self-employed and are anxiously awaiting the stimulus packages to be confirmed and kick in quickly. Sure, the big corporations are feeling the heat and the airlines and cruise lines are tanking, but let’s be real – if Americans go broke, rescuing the airlines or cruise…

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