The Solution Series
  • Thom and Robin Walker

    The Solution Series: RV Living and Traveling Tips with Thom and Robin Walker

    “The RV lifestyle is a cost-effective way to live your dreams.”~ Jeffrey Webber, RVing & Your Retirement Lifestyle Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited to join here! By Corey Lynn and James White One thing is certain about the human species, and that’s the fact that we love to travel.  But while our ancestors made their way from Point A to Point B in covered wagons, today we have the option (if our pockets are deep enough) of essentially having a fully functioning home on wheels. The adventures that await those who choose this lifestyle are boundless. Our guests on this edition of the Solution Series, Thom and Robin Walker, are living their dream, one day at a time, in their 40-foot-plus RV. Thom and Robin do a wonderful job of explaining RV living—from the initial purchase of an…

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