The Solution Series

    15 BIG SOLUTIONS to Survive and Thrive Through Tyranny

    “No more fun and games” is how the old saying goes – I say…. bring it on! Let’s go all fun and games and let’s create, build, and manifest the most incredible communities together! Stop with the distractions and all of the noise and intimidation, and do what’s important for your family by building a foundation with financial security, food and energy security, healthcare, housing, and community, while brilliantly navigating and protecting your family from the Globalists’ system. How do we do this? Through intention, determination, heart, and soul. We are powerful, we are intuitive, we are creators, and we are warriors. Own it! 15 Big Solutions to Survive and Thrive 1) Loosen your grip on technology by following some of these tips, tricks, and techniques to navigate, protect yourself, and be aware of technology’s role. It’s a lengthy list, so chip away at it over time. 2) Protect your…

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