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    Artificial Womb Research Rapidly Advances as Birth Rates and Fertility Dramatically Decline

    By The Sharp Edge The worldwide mRNA injection rollout has been an effective strategy for the globalists’ long-held depopulation agenda.  Population growth has been spiraling downward for several years in America but reached historic lows during the peak of the Covid mRNA jab campaign.  Birth rates and fertility have steadily declined as death rates have increased.  Adding to this trend, we now know alarming statistics of fetal and baby mortality from mothers who received Covid jabs, as well as proven harms to male fertility, based on thousands of Pfizer documents released to the public.  Countries around the globe are reporting dramatic declines in birth rates including Germany, UK, Switzerland, Taiwan, Sweden, Hungary, the Netherlands and China.  As the global population declines due, in-part, to adverse events from the mRNA injections affecting birth and fertility, scientists backed by multimillions in funding have been working feverishly to advance artificial womb technology. Recent…

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