The Solution Series

    1920 Rockefellers’ Goal to Mold You Hasn’t Changed

    This is the transcript of the 1920 newspaper clipping. The actual clip is at the end. August 28, 1920 “Dream” of Montclair Man Frederick T. Gate’s Vision Cited in Report Advocating Elimination of Rockefeller Boards The repeal of the State laws granting charters to the Rockefeller Foundation and the General Education Board is included in the program of educational reform outlined by the Committee on Education of the New York State Federation of Labor. This report was read Tuesday at the Federation convention in Binghamton. The committee, of which Peter J. Brady is chairman, says: “We urge trade unionists and working people in general to be on the alert and extremely careful of the Rockefellers and other selfish money interests which seek to secure control of the education system and prevent their interference in the preparation of courses of study or the selection of members of educational bodies. Frederick T.…

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