The Solution Series

    Americans Feel The Crunch as Food Lines Grow

    By James Fitzgerald Food lines on a scale not seen since the Great Depression are springing up across America, and official unemployment rolls suggest 22 million people are out of work, as pandemic restrictions hit small businesses and workforces of all kinds. The much mooted “Dark Winter” of Covid-19 is here, if media reports are to be believed. Medical pundits predicted in this second wave as early as February, suggesting that it was going to be a multi-year pandemic. Their bravado and cynicism seemed premeditated when other factors are taken into consideration: the “viral strain” has yet to be identified specifically and the PCR-led statistics are inherently flawed, given the very high false/positive rates of the test. The lockdowns, protests, mask mandates and variable and contradictory messages from health bodies, including the World Health Organization, have only added to public confusion and distress. Food lines are now a visible manifestation…

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