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    Connecticut City Rejects 5G Plan: “Test Case” for Opposing Nationwide Rollout

    By The Sharp Edge In November of 2023, the Board of Representatives in Stamford, Connecticut voted against a plan to install 5G equipment in their city following presentations by experts on the dangers of radiofrequency (RF) radiation and government failures to protect the public.  Of the city’s representatives, 21 voted to reject a proposed agreement with AT&T and Verizon, while only 5 voted in favor of it and 8 abstained.  The second-largest city in Connecticut is the only major city in the state, thus far, to refuse the agreement. The city of Stamford representatives chose to shield their citizens from the dangers of RF radiation rather than cave to legal threats from telecom companies and the FCC, which may present a potential “test case” for opposition to the 5G rollout nationwide. City Representatives Reverse Course After Hearing on 5G Dangers & Failure to Protect Public Health During their presentations to…

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