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    Globalist Plan to Control U.S. Land & Resources Through NACs WITHDRAWN After Pushback

    By The Sharp Edge In a major victory to protect America’s land and resources, an SEC proposed rule to authorize the creation of a completely new investment class known as a “Natural Asset Company” (NAC) was withdrawn, after pushback from congressional representatives, state authorities, and the public. The Natural Asset Company scheme aimed to monetize and maintain management authority over America’s natural assets, enabling private entities – including globalist organizations and foreign adversaries – to invest in NACs for the purpose of driving U.S. natural resources, which contribute to the food, water and energy supplies that sustain America’s economy and our citizens, out of production. While the withdrawal of the SEC’s proposed rule is a significant win for our freedom and security, the battle against globalists and foreign powers aiming to take down America and its people from within continues. The Background The Rockefeller-founded Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) in partnership…

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