The Solution Series
  • DNA Collection and Biotechnology Companies

    Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 3

    Since the dawn of eugenics, they’ve tried to trace the pedigree and traits of human beings so as to control the masses. Through DNA, they have not only accomplished this, they have extended a branch to the population to show off their ancestral trees. Much like in the days of pedigree fairs, people had no idea what they were signing up for. • Bill Gates funded scientists to study 40,000 DNA samples from 23andMe and assessed genes having to do with preterm labor and God knows what else. • Billionaires, government and big pharma are investing in biotechnology companies that transform cells and rewrite DNA, amassing the world’s largest stores of “usable” designer genetic code. • 30 million Americans have already voluntarily submitted their DNA to the likes of 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Genomelink and several others. READ Parts 1 & 2 first: Part 1: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis…

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