The Solution Series

    Chinese Influence & Espionage: NEW Links Between Biden & Clinton Corruption

    By The Sharp Edge Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, who is tasked with overseeing the investigation of Joe Biden’s influence peddling racket, referred to the Bidens’ scheme as “organized crime.”  Much of the investigation has revolved around the Bidens’ ties to CEFC, a front group for Chinese influence and intelligence tactics. However, the organized criminal syndicate Comer referred to extends far beyond the Bidens.  With the spotlight on Biden family corruption, new connections are resurrecting buried Clinton scandals to shed light on the depths of China’s political warfare campaign to capture and compromise American leaders.  Information gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal both point to a single Chinese espionage campaign to identify and assassinate U.S. spies. Striking similarities in the timelines and locations related to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and the establishment of the Chinese intelligence front group connected to the Bidens offers…

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