The Solution Series
  • Rob Braxman

    The Solution Series: Securing Your Privacy from Big Tech with Rob Braxman

    “The telephone is the greatest nuisance among conveniences, the greatest convenience among nuisances.”~ Robert Staughton Lynd Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited to join here! By Corey Lynn and James White For those of us who are old enough to remember, making a series of phone calls once entailed collecting a pocketful of dimes, then using your MacGyver driving skills to pull close enough to the payphone while not demolishing your side mirror in the process. Oh, how things have changed! Rob Braxman is certainly old enough to remember the now outdated payphone, but as technology has advanced throughout the decades, Braxman has advanced right along with it. Braxman is a well-known expert in Internet privacy and data protection, whose insights on the rapidly changing technological landscape are second to none. He joins us on the Solution Series for…

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