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    10 Things You Need to Know About DNA & RNA Vaccines for Livestock

    By The Sharp Edge 1. What are the different terms used for DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics? Not all genetic technologies used in veterinary medicine fall under the categories of “mRNA vaccines” or “mRNA gene therapies.”  There are other terms to look out for when it comes to genetic technologies for veterinary medicine.  These terms also include: “RNA Particle Technology” “RNA Particle Platform” “DNA Vaccine” “DNA Immunostimulant” “Prescription Platform Product” 2. How do DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics work? With SEQUIVITY’s RNA Particle Technology, a “gene of interest provides instructions” to the immune cells which “translate the sequence into proteins” that “act as antigens.” This triggers an immune response. As for AgriLab’s ExactVac DNA technology, “the vaccine is produced by splicing a gene for a specific antigen” into “a bacterial plasmid” which “is then multiplied, purified and administered” for “delivery into target cells, where antigens produced by the plasmid elicit…

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