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    Documentary Film Premiere: CUT – Daughters of The West

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Documentary Film Premiere & Pre-Order: CUT – Daughters of the West Simon Esler’s ground-breaking and insightful documentary investigates the history of cosmetic surgery, teenage mental health and modern media trends that reveal part of a larger warped legacy being handed to young girls, leading up to the explosive popularity of gender ideology. Toronto, Ontario – March 20, 2023 Independent filmmaker Simon Esler announces the premiere and digital pre-order of CUT – Daughters of the West, a cultural fever dream exploring the impact of the current transgender craze on girls, beginning with the origins and history of plastic surgery. By following plastic surgery’s progression into the birth of cosmetic surgery, CUT investigates the moral and cultural precursors that have enabled transgenderism in girls to thrive. The film uncovers that alongside the rise in puberty blockers, hormone therapy and double mastectomies, there was an exponential increase in girls seeking…

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