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    The Floodgate is Open on Fauci’s Emails

    “The tide is turning…The dam is about to burst…This is going to be a bad day for Dr. Fauci,” predicted Senator Paul in a statement last week. Little did we know a floodgate of Fauci’s emails would burst open to the public this week.  Rand Paul’s statement couldn’t be more accurate, and based on the emails, it appears that Dr. Fauci has many more bad days ahead of him. The trove of Fauci emails released to the public, which came by way of a FOIA request by Buzzfeed, reveal patterns of cover-ups, censorship, coordination and control.  Among the 3,234 pages, key insights have been gained, but there are surely more to come in the near future. Here are some of the findings from Fauci’s opened floodgate so far: The Cover-Up January 31, 2020 From: Kristian G. Anderson To: Anthony Fauci  “The unusual features of the virus makes up a really…

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