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    Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?

    The question on everyone’s mind – are Bill and Hillary Clinton connected to or involved with child sex trafficking or child labor trafficking networks – or, are they advocates for children as they portray themselves to be? Though, the focus is on both Bill and Hillary, this report will primarily break down a timeline of Hillary’s work as it relates to children, in addition to both of their connections with individuals who have been indicted and/or convicted of crimes against children – because they are stacking up. The information that follows will provide facts, for each person to use their own discernment in determining what they believe to be truth, or until further information is revealed. Human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry. Timeline of Hillary’s Work Specifically Involving Infants & Children: 1970: Worked at Yale Child Study Center, learning about early childhood brain development, and research assistant on…

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