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CIA Coined and Weaponized The Label “Conspiracy Theory”

Ever been called a “conspiracy theorist”? Ever wonder where that term came from?

In 1976 the New York Times obtained a document they requested via the Freedom of Information Act.

This document was a C.I.A. Dispatch labeled “psych” for “psychological operations” that was distributed in 1967, indicating they coined the phrase “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorists” to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative from the Warren Commission. It also has a CS indicated on it, which stands for “clandestine services” unit.

These labels have continued ever since they coined the phrase in the 1960’s, with the intention of stifling any truths from getting out. Pay close attention to those using the labels and the information they are referring to. This will be your first clue that truth lies within and they are trying to deflect it. The bottom line is there are hundreds if not thousands of conspiracies taking place all around us – legitimate ones. While they are busy misdirecting with their “conspiracy theorist” labels, evidence is being dug up, they are being exposed, and what they claim to be theory is TRUTH.

There are some disputes out there as to whether the C.I.A. was the first to use the term because it has been printed in a handful of political books from the late 1800’s. The inception of the C.I.A. was in 1947 and this “psych” dispatch went out in 1967. It is from that point on that the term “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” have been shoved down our throats. It was weaponized, just as so many other labels have been used to distract, manipulate and change the narrative to suit their agenda.

Read the full C.I.A. Dispatch below.

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  • Matthew Buckley

    If the CIA were not the first to use the term – and they weren’t – then they did not coin the term.

  • Ken

    From Snopes:
    “But there is not a single sentence in the document that indicates the CIA intended to weaponise, let alone introduce the term ‘conspiracy theory’ to disqualify criticism.”

    From the document:
    “The aim of this dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists”.

  • Ashley

    I don’t see the actual CIA Dispatch above at the end. Can you share the link with me or the original document pls?

  • Faith

    Whether or not CIA coined the term or not, the CIA manipulated a WORD for its own propaganda uses.
    This is not uncommon for Communists to do this. Communists will take a word that means one thing and completely construe its original meaning. Take the word “tolerance” or “racist”. Racist now means whatever suits the controllers intentions. You cannot be prejudice anymore, only racist.

  • naomi zuckerman

    there is much documentation of this term being used loooong before the CIA used it what they did do was resurrect its use and weaponize it as a tool for suppressing the truth.

  • Deb Snyder

    Popped in the words Conspiracy Theory into the CIA dispatch & lots of hits came up. True one caught my eye.

    Found in: Oswald 201 File (201-289248)
    Commission’s American Doubtless including American, benefited, reputation involved: Conspiracy has been speculation about the responsibility for his murder
    there has been a new wave of books and articles criticizing the Commission’s In most cases the critics have speculated as to the existence of some of conspiracy
    The aim of dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims.

    At the very least this lays the ground work. I am sure the CIA made sure that the Mockingbird Media used the term over & over to discredit people that were asking questions about 11/63 much like that did through out this whole dispatch.

  • Deb Snyder

    Mathew Buckley here it is in black & white the aim of the dispatch .

    Found in: Oswald 201 File (201-289248)

    The aim of dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims.

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