RESOURCE: Tracking Legal Action & Legislation Against Covid-19 Mandates

There are allegedly over 332 million people in the U.S., and despite the non-stop threats of a “deadly virus” (with a 99.98% survival rate), the constant warnings from the Biden regime, OSHA’s failing attempt at power, the bribery and incentivizing by businesses, the screeching roll of PA announcements in retail establishments, and the endless yammering from mainstream media and “health experts,” over 40% of Americans aren’t choosing the path of fear, and are unrattled by the tyranny which lacks any level of truth. Some have banned together and succeeded against mandates, while many would like to take legal action, and others have already done so, but finding attorneys and court cases, and sorting through the legislation and battles between states and federal government can be challenging and tedious. For anyone who believes the U.S. is dead in the water – think again. This battle is on, and people are getting more fired up as more demands are being put on them. It’s time that everyone takes a hard stand while this battlefield is brewing with energy, and put an end to this tyranny once and for all, unless you prefer to line up for booster shots for the rest of your life and live in a dystopian virtual cage controlled through your digital ID vaccine passport. This article will break down the following information to help both citizens and attorneys get a fuller scope on the big picture, including pertinent legislation and federal battles that are also playing a big role with outcomes and putting a halt to this tyranny, and provide links for ongoing tracking. • Tackling Covid tyranny head on• OSHA & Biden administration under fire in court• Tracking civil court cases and class actions• Tracking state and federal legislation• Tracking Covid policies in K-12 schools• Summary of what’s working and case examples• Covid Resources for legal and/or medical assistance, job boards, forms and letters, alternative resources, and critical information We have our work cut out for us, but a lot of legislatures are doing their jobs. Here’s a snapshot of where the U.S. stands on Covid jab mandates thus far, which doesn’t include the recent unconstitutional OSHA debacle that’s under fire in court. More on this further down. For a current up-to-date chart that details specifics of a prohibited jab mandate by state, as well as the map, go here. It’s clear that blue states are hitting these mandates hard. Tackling Covid Tyranny Head On Whereas some people are feeling the pressure from employers or education institutions, and might feel boxed in, it’s important to recognize that there are multiple approaches to tackling these mandates. It’s also important to note that the FDA approved Pfizer Comirnaty Covid jab has never been available in the U.S., and in a statement from Pfizer, they have said that they have no intention of producing any over the next several months for the U.S., since they are continuing to distribute their Emergency Use Authorization BioNTech jab instead. • Do not comply. • Do not voluntarily quit – make them fire you. • Do not download apps requested by your employers or school, requiring you to submit personal information as to whether you have received the jab or not. • The first line of defense, and the most important, is the masses standing up to this. Many companies will back down if they know they are going to lose a chunk of their staff. Don’t let the intimidation and manipulation tactics let you think differently. Everyone MUST gather their co-workers and take a stand against their demands before this goes any further. The next line of defense will be a legal challenge, which believe it or not, will be more difficult to succeed. The power is in the people and the numbers. Make it happen. • Religious exemptions are currently the most upheld argument in court, though no one should have to submit anything to this unconstitutional tyranny. • Sit down with the head of HR and have a genuine conversation about how people feel in the workplace and how they could lose a percentage of their staff. Utilize this employee form to help prepare for this conversation. • Pay close attention to legislation in your area and get vocal with local legislatures about supporting or opposing their bills. Get your local communities involved as well. • Reach out to an attorney to review your case, and possibly gather other employees to go to bat with you. Here are some legal and other resources that may be of help to you. • Continue to bring critical information to others via social media, direct email, conversations, in local community gatherings, on your t-shirt, signs in your vehicle, at your local church, and everywhere else you go. • The Covid jab and vaccine passports should be everyone’s first priority battle, as it is the doorway into their human cages they are building for everyone. Read 22 Ways to Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022. • Some folks have had success with filing a letter of intent against their Superintendent of Schools’ surety bond to remove all Covid related mandates put on children. See how they did this at Bonds for The Win. OSHA and Biden Administration Under Fire in Court Heavy, unconstitutional mandates are coming out of the Biden administration that could impact the majority of employees, so this is a good place to begin with where the U.S. stands on fighting this tyranny. Thus far, many states are stepping up to the plate to put a hard halt to this. In addition, some states already have orders in place that no entity within their state can require the Covid jab, such as Florida, Texas, and Montana, which is proving to be a battle between the states and federal government. More than half the country is fed up with the federal government’s overreach. OSHA’s Mandate Halted Thus Far Just nine days after Doug Parker was confirmed as the new Assistant Secretary of Labor to lead the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), they released their “Emergency Temporary Standard” (full text) demanding that all businesses who employ at least 100 employees, must require them to either get the Covid jab or submit mandatory weekly test results, all at the request of Biden. This “necessary” mandate due to “grave danger” extended all the way out to January 4, 2022 – after the Holidays. While some questioned why 60 days made any sense at all for something considered to be “grave danger,” others were more focused on the fact that OSHA has no jurisdiction to make such requirements. Many questioned why they would require masks and testing from those who didn’t get the jab but not by those who did get the jab, since it is well documented by the CDC, FDA, OSHA, and big pharma that none of the Covid jabs prevent one from getting Covid or transmitting it, which ultimately means that employers would be enforcing discrimination. Not only did OSHA make these demands, but they threatened fines of up to $136,532 if a business wasn’t in compliance (based on per violation). As fast as OSHA released this on November 4, 2021, companies all across the U.S. began flooding inboxes with emails requiring their employees to get weekly testing and prepare to get the jab. Some companies weren’t even giving the option of testing or exemptions. OSHA has never had the authority to make such demands and all companies would be well advised to seek legal consult before pursuing such demands of their employees. Furthermore, they better stay on top of all court proceedings pertaining to both OSHA’s attempts as well as the federal employee mandate issued by Biden, because these are moving targets and judges are not taking too kindly to these orders at present. The following day, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a challenge to the mandate in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which also included Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah. The appeals court ruled there are “grave statutory and constitutional issues” with OSHA’s mandate, and temporarily halted OSHA’s mandate. The Biden administration has to submit a reply to the motion by Monday, followed by the petitioners’ reply on Tuesday. It has been reported that 27 states immediately filed motions to stop the OSHA mandate. Kansas filed, along with six other states in the Sixth Circuit Court, which covers Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Kansas is in the Tenth Circuit. New Hampshire just joined an eleven-state coalition in a lawsuit against the federal government’s OSHA mandate. States and the Biden administration all seem confident that they are on the right side of the law. One of them most certainly isn’t, and more than half the country is rooting for the states in this showdown. When OSHA released their “Emergency Temporary Standard,” it was opened up to public comment for 30 days before they make it a “permanent standard,” which does not conclude until December 6th. Individuals and businesses can post their public comments as well as attach any documents or evidence to back up their comments. They have already received over 3,100 comments in just a few days. Anyone can comment here. UPDATE 11/17/21: OSHA has suspended their mandate until further court order, as indicated on their website. UPDATE 1/26/2022: OSHA “withdrew” their mandate, but the truth is – on January 13, 2022 the court ruled that OHSA had exceeded its authority. Lawsuits Against The Biden Administration’s Federal Employee Mandate In addition to things quickly heating up against the OSHA mandate, 19 states filed suit against the Biden administration after his executive order mandating federal employees to get the Covid jab by December 8th, hit the federal register. According to a survey by the Government Business Council, 53% of federal employees strongly or somewhat disagree with the Biden Administration’s jab mandate for federal employees. On Friday, October 29, 2021, several states filed multiple federal lawsuits against the Biden administration over its Covid-19 “vaccine mandate” for federal workers and contractors, bringing the total up to 19 states suing in four separate federal courts. Those states include Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgie, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Their argument is that the mandate violates federal procurement law, is an overreach of federal power, it violates the 10th amendment reserving power to the states, illegally uses federal spending to coerce the states, and 60 days of public comment wasn’t properly allowed. They are concerned that this could potentially decimate businesses and the workforce causing further issues with the supply chain. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem issued an executive order allowing for state employees to claim religious or medical exemptions, to protect them from federal vaccine mandates. The religious exemption simply requires an employee filling out and signing a form stating that they object to the Covid-19 vaccine based on “religious grounds, which includes ethical, and philosophical beliefs or principles.” The exemptions are supposed to be automatic once the forms are submitted. In addition to states filing suits, unions have filed, US Air Force Officers have filed, and 50 federal employees of which 20 are from the Department of Homeland Security, have also filed suit against the Biden Administration. There are currently countless cases in the works – too many to list. Here are seven lawsuits challenging the Covid jab mandate for U.S. Military members. UPDATE: On January 21, 2022, a federal judge blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal workers nationwide. UPDATE on CMS Mandate: On January 13, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in allowing the CMS vaccine mandate to go into effect. The EEOC’s First Case: Sues Company for Disability Discrimination Though there should be countless cases being filed by the EEOC right now, since this is a “first” it’s worth mentioning here. The EEOC published a press release on September 7, 2021 stating that they were suing ISS Facility Services, Inc. … Continue reading RESOURCE: Tracking Legal Action & Legislation Against Covid-19 Mandates