AMAZON’S IMPENDING TAKEOVER: The One-Stop Shop for Smart Cities with Digital Currency Control

This sounds like a dystopian science fiction movie, but unfortunately, it’s already in the works, they are just putting the final touches on their master plan. A “smart city?” The only shop for products, food, and healthcare while tracking us? A biometrics palm scanner? All autonomous vehicles and public transit? No more cash or credit cards – all digital currency? The ability to freeze our accounts or prevent us from purchasing certain items? Does this sound crazy? It should! Let’s take a look at the rollout and possible ways to navigate and combat some of this. Amazon’s been quite busy progressing in areas most people are unaware of. This goes far beyond taking out the little guys – they’re going for the middlemen, and heading straight for your family. How are they pulling all of this off? Don’t miss our weekly Dig It! Podcast on April 23rd where we discussed several of the details in this report. Amazon’s “Takeover” Consists of 3 Stages, In A Nutshell: Stage One: Obliterate the competition by taking over the organic food market, media, crushing all bookstores to control content, provide nearly every consumer product and get others to sell through your shop, and beefing up production with expedited shipping to make it so desirable, no one can compete, and everyone comes to rely on Amazon. Stage Two: Capitalize on an event that demolishes small businesses, demolishes remaining competition, crushes the farming industry, increase service by billions while people are stuck in their homes, and consolidate power forces to takeover other markets. Produce drones for delivery and autonomous cars for getting around smart cities. Create blockchain and step up air freight to soar past the delivery competition. Make all of it sound like you are saving humanity during hard times. Stage Three: Continue to expand products and services, add a healthcare division, grocery delivery, implement digital currency, expand the AI division, then step down as CEO to focus on the final stages of the agenda. What the Heck is A “Smart City?” “Smart Cities” and “smart growth” are the talk of the town among the so-called elite, philanthropists, mayors, and of course the UN. They want you to believe they are creating ultra-convenient cities where everything you need is at your fingertips. That’s right – smartphones, smart cars, smart public transportation, smart shopping, smart TVs, smart health – you name it, AI is here to save the day and track you all the way. This is neither myth or fantasy. In fact, the infrastructure has already begun in your city, long ago. Is Amazon Part of The “Smart City” Plan?You betcha! Apart from all of their “smart” (spying) devices to fill everyone’s “smart homes” in their “smart cities,” their AWS cloud is high on their list, as noted on their city transformation page: “Public sector innovation is moving faster than ever before, delivering cloud-connected thinking that is revolutionizing cities across the world. Harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.” They talk about how the “smart city” and community environments will involve connecting “smart devices” and systems in sectors such as transportation, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare in fundamentally new ways that will “enhance the quality of life.” Be “smart,” and don’t be fooled. Here is a short clip of Bill Gates talking about it a few years ago, but the plans began decades before. Whether or not Gates plans to build a “smart city” on the land he purchased in Phoenix is irrelevant, because they are already underway in thousands of cities across the country and the world. Keep your eyes open for Corey’s Digs report coming out in the near future, on this specifically, with detailed instructions on “OUTsmarting” them. How Are They Going to Create a Cashless Society and Switch to Digital Currency? This isn’t a matter of “how,” but rather, a matter of “when.” Anyone paying attention to the financial market is aware that this is already well under way. Jerome Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve, just told congress in March “This is going to be an important year. This is going to be the year in which we engage with the public pretty actively, including some public events that we’re working on that I’m not going to announce today,” referring to digital currency, and stated that the Fed will need “legislative authorization” to proceed with the digital dollar. It’s also no secret that China is producing their own digital currency, have been testing it in four major cities, and it is projected to eventually replace cash. Mastercard and Visa recently announced they will be accepting cryptocurrency or Bitcoin this year. “We’re trying to do two things. One is to enable the purchase of bitcoin on Visa credentials. And secondly, working with bitcoin wallets to allow the bitcoin to be translated into a fiat currency and therefore immediately be able to be used at any of the 70 million places around the world where Visa is accepted,” said Al Kelly, the CEO of Visa. Over 15,000 businesses, and climbing, accept Bitcoin, while Bank of America and other banks are working on something outside of Bitcoin. As of March, roughly 86% of central banks are in the development stages of forming their own “central bank digital currencies.” Forbes reported that Macquarie Capital analysts said the Federal Reserve and ECB could debut their own CBDCs as soon as next year, as governments ramp up regulation in the space that discourages consumers from embracing other tokens–a move the analysts say could lead to crypto prices tanking below current levels. What some people may not be aware of, and seems to be flying under the radar, is that Amazon appears to be working on launching their own cryptocurrency. In 2019, Amazon began buying up cryptocurrency-related domain names. Whereas that brought on a lot of speculation at the time, it seems that Amazon may in fact be launching their own cryptocurrency. Over the past couple of months Amazon has been posting job positions for digital currency-related positions for a potential pilot program in Mexico, which they refer to as “Digital and Emerging Payments (DEP).” Some of the job postings have since been removed, but Corey’s Digs has archived two such positions, and a few can still be found on Amazon’s site here by searching DEP. Interestingly, one of the positions is through Amazon’s Asia Pacific emerging market payment business where they are seeking a Finance Business Partner/ Senior Financial Analyst. How Can They Prevent Us from Access to Our Own Digital Currency? It’s quite simple. In fact, it’s already been happening, and it’s very easy to do. Numerous people have already had their Paypal accounts shut down, or Patreon, Etsy, and even bank accounts, all because they used their voices to express their opinions on political events happening in our country. They prevented people from access to their funds, from being able to spend money or in some cases – earn a living. Amazon has removed some sellers’ books and accounts entirely because they didn’t want information getting out to the public on specific topics that went against their narrative. How’s that for control? You’ve already seen in the previous section that they want full control of this, and anyone who is familiar with the UN agendas and China’s social score system, understands that once we become a cashless society, and everything moves to digital currency, it’s a simple stroke of the key to prevent us from access and or purchases. Have you ever tried to make a purchase on your credit card and the cashier informed you that “your card didn’t go through?” You called your bank, furious because they had put a cap on a purchase amount and had to lift the limit in order to complete your purchase? Now imagine if the “cap” was because you didn’t do as told or spoke out when you weren’t supposed to and suddenly you can’t purchase groceries or have access to various establishments. Preventing access to establishments is already happening with the Covid vaccine. This is a training ground they are prepping you for. How Could Amazon Possibly Be The Future One-Stop Shop? It’s so easy. Offer damn near every product and service man needs or desires, flood the market with your logo and pop-up ads, provide free shipping, and get them the products in 1-2 days, making it so convenient that everyone becomes hooked. It’s the one-stop shop. Once they are sucked in, demolish the competition and add all other services you want to control people through, such as food and healthcare. Entice sellers and affiliate marketers to ride the train and make money from it, and you’ve created a masterpiece! Since its inception, Amazon has acquired over 100 companies, has stakes in dozens of others, and its sight set on more acquisitions in the future. The year 2020 took a huge toll on small and medium-size businesses all across the country who were told they were “non-essential” and had to close their doors, while Amazon’s sales increased by 38%, raking in $386 billion dollars. Coincidence, or by design? Be “smart” now. So how does all of this relate to the future of “smart cities?” Simply put, they want everyone and everything wired in, hooked, tracked, and controlled. Truth be told, artificial intelligence and robotics is not for convenience, efficiency, sustainability, for healing people, or any other fallacies they allege. Their ultimate desire is transhumanism, and they don’t hide it. To be immortal is a long-held goal of theirs. For years, billionaires have been investing in biotech companies for “longevity,” including Jeff Bezos. “The proposition that we can live forever is obvious. It doesn’t violate the laws of physics, so we can achieve it,” Arram Sabeti told The New Yorker. Microbioloist Brian Hanley claims “There’s a bunch of things that will need to be done to achieve life spans into at least hundreds of years. But we’ll get there.” Bezos invests in Google’s billion-dollar Calico longevity lab, and more recently funded $76 million to a biotech company studying the body’s full set of proteins. When reviewing the list of Amazon’s one-stop shop making its way down a highway, straight into your smart city home, keep all of this in mind. Amazon One Who says we need a microchip when biometrics is already in action? Amazon is way ahead of the curve with their fancy palm reading machines (and not the fun kind from a psychic), with 11 locations already utilizing them in Washington state. Step right up with Amazon One and simply “hover to enter, identify, and pay.” Just like that! Their goal is to “unlock your world by giving you the freedom to pay, enter, and identify with nothing but your palm.” Isn’t that generous of them? Just remember, “your palm, your choice.” Yes, that is an actual slogan on their marketing page. How does it work? Easy peasy, just take a look, and remember… your “data is protected every step of the way.” So your palm print, identity, credit card, contact information, purchases, and so much more is safe with Amazon. No worries. I realize this is a serious piece but there is so much comedy to be had in the above sentence, I’m finding it hard restraining myself. Who manages their PR? I mean, how much thought went into this little marketing piece? “You alone decide when to hover it,” because in the near distant future someone may be grasping your wrist and hovering it for you so they can obtain access to all of your bank records. Mwahahaha! But on a more serious note, think about that for a second. Whether you are “hovering” your palm for biometrics or a microchip, how easy would it be to force someone’s hand over an ATM say, that is unmanned? We are entering a whole new level of thievery with this futuristic virtual world they desire. But, they’ll play it off as “convenience” and the young, the naïve, … Continue reading AMAZON’S IMPENDING TAKEOVER: The One-Stop Shop for Smart Cities with Digital Currency Control