Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1

A band of criminals got together a century ago and decided they were going to own the world, hold all of the power, create and hoard all of the money, and keep everyone on a constant spin cycle to fool them. Not only were they going to construct it as they saw fit, but they were going to build the most elaborate enslavement system this world has ever seen – one that gives them full immunity, allows them to operate outside the law entirely, and they were going to do it without anyone realizing it until it was too late. These self-imposed “rulers” believe themselves to be untouchable, have created documents stating as much, and are laughing at humanity as people move about their lives unaware of this elaborate scheme. This is the story that needs to be shared with the world and with every state legislator who should move immediately to create independence from the Federal Reserve system and Central Banks, and enforce our Constitution and financial management laws to protect sovereignty at the state and local level. This should include steps to recapture monies illegally stolen, to prevent current and future illegal expenditure of our tax monies and to end sovereign immunity privileges that have been used to engage in systematic criminal activities and racketeering. • 76 International organizations and banks enjoy immunities, privileges, and tax exemptions • GAVI, Big Pharma, and CERN enjoy similar immunities • The Bank for International Settlements has sovereign immunity and some of these immunities extend to its members, being 63 central banks and the Federal Reserve System, while other immunities extend to “systemically important institutions” • Trillions of taxpayer dollars and printed money has moved through these organizations and banks with no transparency or accountability as they continue to build a global enslavement system • Hundreds, if not thousands, of NGOs and corporations work with and through these organizations and banks, some of whom have agreements, NDAs, and/or immunity by extension They do not operate above the law, they operate entirely outside of the law. Part 2 dives deep into connections that unveil a larger group pulling many strings that seems to have received little to no exposure, and shows just how far this extends and the true power they all hold – where laws and the constitution don’t seem to exist for them. Download part 1 of this report in pdf format from The Bookshop > Listen to Corey Lynn and Edge discuss part 1 of this report on their Dig It! Podcast Full audio version of part 1: The Control Framework This dualistic world they have created goes far beyond what most have imagined. It’s not so much that these individuals and organizations are “above the law,” as it is that they are operating entirely outside of the law, and have granted themselves permission to do so by executive orders, treaties, and the creation of BIS. The structure they have created is much like a pyramid scheme in a sense. At the top of the ivory tower, sit BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, with sovereign immunity. When carrying out specific activities under BIS, this immunity extends to its members, which is made up of 63 global central banks and monetary authorities, the Federal Reserve System, plus insurers, and payment systems through their subsidiary, that BIS deems “systemically important institutions.” As if that’s not bad enough, it gets worse. The U.S. has given 76 public international organizations immunities, privileges, and tax exemptions dating back to 1946, just 10 years after BIS expanded its immunities with The Hague Convention of 1936. In addition, some of these organizations have added immunities through treaties. Underneath that layer, there are hundreds of NGOs, corporations, and universities that operate with and through these international organizations who hold immunities and privileges – some of whom have signed agreements and NDAs, others have been given immunity by extension. The process is quite simple. The money essentially gets laundered through the organizations and banks which have little level of transparency or accountability, and spread across multiple countries, making it that much easier to achieve. But it doesn’t end there. In addition to immunities enjoyed by these banks and organizations, Bill Gates’ GAVI also enjoys immunities and privileges. Of course, the World Bank serves on the board, manages their finances, and is the trustee, who enjoys an extensive amount of immunities and privileges to all five arms of the World Bank Group. Couple that with the release of liability to big pharma when it comes to vaccines, and this is a recipe for disaster. Even CERN holds international immunity status, separately from the lists provided in this report. At the bottom of this pyramid are civilians who pay in taxes, abide by a set of laws that the others never have to concern themselves with, and who have naively believed that these organizations and banks are operating in their best interest, while they squander away trillions of dollars to build a human enslavement system, and big Gov funnels them taxpayer dollars. This is how they’ve managed to do it for so long, without fear or conscience. What’s important to recognize about these specific organizations, is the fact that they cover nearly every industry. In other words – those behind these organizations and banks are the future rulers of the world if they are not stopped. Their framework is already in place. What must be done to stop this band of criminal characters who masterminded how to create special privileges for themselves, outside of the system, signed some pieces of paper, and declared they have immunity to steal people’s hard-earned money? International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA) of December 29, 1945 Almost immediately after World War II, Congress passed the International Organizations Immunities Act, which was signed into law on December 29, 1945. This established immunities, privileges, and tax exemptions for international organizations that might not be considered international organizations under the rules of international laws, such as the Global Fund, for example. What defines a qualifying “international organization”? The IOIA states: “For the purposes of this title, the term “international organization” means a public international organization in which the United States participates pursuant to any treaty or under the authority of any Act of Congress authorizing such participation or making an appropriation for such participation…” Once the IOIA was passed, it was by the authorization of the President(s) to grant these privileges to international organizations by executive order. The President also has the authority to condition, limit, or revoke the designation. Whereas, there have been a few that received limited privileges, there does not seem to be any that have been revoked, with exception of organizations that dissolved. However, in 1983 President Ronald Reagan extended additional immunities from lawsuits and prosecution to Interpol, and in 2009, President Barack Obama granted additional benefits. The IOIA states that “International organizations … shall enjoy the same immunity from suit and every form of judicial process as is enjoyed by foreign governments, except to the extent that such organizations may expressly waive their immunity.” This gave them absolute immunity. In 1976, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act was passed which created some restrictions on immunities, but the IOIA seemed to have remained vague on the matter. When it comes to immunities and privileges, there are countries who grant them to international organizations under their own criteria and rules, there are headquarters agreements that provide additional immunities and privileges, and there are international treaties that also grant immunities and privileges. A single organization could have one, two, or all three at the same time. As an example, the Global Fund has privileges by the U.S., and international treaties with multiple countries, while having additional immunities in Switzerland, including a headquarters agreement. In other words, they are protected to the hilt. Immunities, Privileges, and Tax Exemptions Enjoyed by IOIA Status Note that in this Act, as well as treaties, they often say, “unless immunity is waived,” and what they mean by that is that the internal heads of the organization determine whether they wish to waive immunity so that a particular legal case may see the light of day in court, outside of the organization using its internal council for any such debates or legal action. Unless something so outrageous happened, such as an employee murdering another employee, it would be unlikely that any organization would waive their immunity rights to settle disputes on their own. This is a cliff note summary of their ability to operate outside the law. The full version of the IOIA can be reviewed in detail via the original Act signed into law, Yale Law School, or for more background visit Wikipedia. • International organizations, their property and their assets, wherever located, and by whomsoever held, shall enjoy the same immunity from suit and every form of judicial process as is enjoyed by foreign governments, unless the organization waives their immunity • Immunity from search and seizure of property and assets, wherever located, and by whomsoever held • Archives are inviolable • Exemption from property taxes, internal revenue taxes, communication taxes, taxes on transportation of persons or property, customs duties and taxes • Admission of officers and employees, and their family members, without checks from customs • Officers and employees are exempt from legal suits or any other legal action in regards to activities related to work • Employees are exempt from income tax, if they are not U.S. citizens, or are both a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the Commonwealth of the Philippines • Officers and employees of the international organization, and members of their immediate families, other than nationals of the United States, require no alien registration or fingerprinting, or registration of foreign agents • If the Secretary of State determines that the continued presence of a person from an international organization, in the United States, is no longer desirable, or if the Secretary of State wishes to withdraw the privileges, exemptions, and immunities of the international organization itself, they have the power to do so 76 International Organizations Given Immunities and Privileges The list below is in the order in which the immunities were first given to these organizations. As anyone can see, Truman was instrumental in kicking this off with 20 designations, and Bill Clinton holds second place. Since President Truman, every president thereafter issued immunities to various organizations, with the exception of President Trump, and thus far, Biden. This is a comprehensive list that includes the organization, date it was founded, headquarters, the dates they were given immunity and by whom, and the executive order numbers that correspond, which have been rigorously checked. Also note that some of these organizations also have treaties that give them additional immunities and privileges, such as the UN. This will be covered further in part 2. Organization of American States (formerly the Pan American Union)Founded: 1890 (the charter was officially created on April 30, 1948)Headquarters: Washington D.C.IOIA Status: EO 9698 on February 19, 1946 by Harry S. Truman and EO 10533 on June 3, 1954 by Dwight D. Eisenhower International Labor Organization (founded under League of Nations, now part of UN)Founded: October, 1919Headquarters: Geneva, SwitzerlandIOIA Status: EO 9698 on February 19, 1946 – Harry S. Truman Food and Agriculture Organization of The United NationsFounded: October 16, 1945Headquarters: Rome, ItalyIOIA Status: EO 9698 on February 19, 1946 – Harry S. Truman United NationsFounded: October 24, 1945Headquarters: New YorkIOIA Status: EO 9698 on February 19, 1946 – Harry S. Truman Pan American Health Organization (previously Pan American Sanitary Bureau)Founded: December 2, 1902Headquarters: Washington, D.C.IOIA Status: EO 9751 on July 11, 1946, and EO 10025 on December 30, 1948 by Harry S. Truman, and EO 10864 on February 18, 1960 by Dwight D. Eisenhower Inter-American Statistical InstituteFounded: May 12, 1940Headquarters: Washington, D.C.IOIA Status: EO 9751 on July 11, 1946, and EO 10025 on December 30, 1948 by Harry S. Truman, and EO 10864 on February 18, 1960 by Dwight D. Eisenhower Inter-American Institute … Continue reading Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1