The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 2: How Your Digital Identity is Moving to The Blockchain for Full Control Over Humans

The battle for digital identities is well underway, and vaccine id passports is only one entry point they are utilizing to move everyone onto the Blockchain. This isn’t about a virus or a vaccine passport, it is a means to create everyone’s digital identity. Some people are aware of the “digital identity” future that central banks and corrupt organizations are implementing, to connect everyone into the smart grid, smart cities, and digital currency, for full power and control over everyone’s lives, but few understand their full intentions and just how large this operation is, while they create other distractions in the world. This multi-part report will break down the operation of creating the digital identities and reveal specifics as to who is carrying out which portion, how far along they are, and where it is headed, so that people won’t be blindly led into their traps, can make educated choices, and collaborate to build strategies to circumvent it. As discussed in part 1, multiple states have passed legislation to partially or wholly ban vaccine id passports, which is a critical step in the right direction. People, not only in America, but across the world, are fighting against these passports because they have an idea as to where this is all heading. Some refer to the “digital identity” as a “mark of the beast,” and considering the plan to dominate all individuals through this new technology, it’s a fair assessment. Before reading this report, drop the illusion that has long been engrained in people’s minds, that money equals power. That thought brings on a sense of instant defeat, fear, and helplessness, when in fact – power lies within everyone, and most influencers in people’s lives have had little money. People have the ability to create change without a single penny. Those that have an endless supply of money want everyone to believe differently. That’s part of their psychological game. This is a very complex operation because it includes so many different players, countries, and micro agendas to feed into the main agenda. The best way to break down the digital identities to control all humans, is in simple terms of who, what, when, where, why, and how. Once everyone has a general understanding of where this is headed, it will be much easier to understand parts 3 and 4, which will go in depth with the players implementing the digital identities and other agendas, the Blockchain, their end game, and potential ways to thwart it. WHO? Whereas there is a large swath of foundations, NGOs, and companies that each play a smaller role in the bigger picture, the central banks are the driving force. For decades, the United States and the G-7 Nations have experienced the equivalent of a financial coup d’état. Due to digital systems and globalization, it has allowed for the central banking system to increasingly exert more political and economic control. Sovereign governments have continued to accumulate debt, while failing at financial and internal controls, leaving them dependent on central banks, and without financial and information sovereignty. We are now witnessing central banks assert significantly greater control of governments and their fiscal policy with the implementation of the “Going Direct Reset,” designed by BlackRock. Approved by the G-7 central bankers on August 22, 2019, the central bankers and their private owners began executing a fundamental restructuring of the global financial system that will end currency as we know it, and initiate a digital control structure that will permit a level of central control that most people can not fathom. The goal of this series is to help everyone understand the extent of the control they intend to perpetrate on mankind, the many industries involved in creating it, and why it is essential that it not be permitted. There are several coordinating groups that gather many of the important implementers and publish information that provides insight into the Reset. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921 as a U.S. think tank on foreign policy and international affairs, is a group of members that coordinate to affect government policies. It boasts many important members that play key roles in their professional capacities, so it is always wise to pay attention to what they are up to. Similarly, the World Economic Forum (WEF) acts as a gathering place for coordinating with leading implementers across many sectors. It, by itself, is not all powerful, but some of its members certainly are. Founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, it is equivalent to a PR firm who puts a spin on marketing materials, giving the public a glimpse into their plans, while dressing it up in an attractive way. For this reason, it is equally important to pay attention to the members and publications they are spinning out. So how are some of these members working together to implement the agendas and strategies that align with the complete control the owners of the central bankers wish to have? On the surface, the UN created the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, which in a nutshell is about using a global regulatory structure combine with the climate change hoax to move forward their global goals to control all resources and the lives of everyone, under the guise of saving the planet. The World Economic Forum publishes information on “The Great Reset” which is a watered-down version of their grand plan to look more appealing to the public, particularly young people. When deciphering their charts, diagrams, and content, it’s easy to see the direction it is all headed, and aligns with the 2030 agenda, but reveals more of the control mechanisms. The WEF, UN, governments, central banks and money managers, organizations, foundations, and NGOs are all promoting “climate change” and Covid as a means to implement their agendas, moving everyone into the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” of complete digital control and surveillance over the world and all human beings. They each have their areas of expertise when it comes to building the digital identities, which is the key to making this all happen. There are the software developers of several areas, certifiers, consultants and strategists, standardization and guidelines, regulators, government liaisons, so-called privacy setters, finance, cross country coordinators, and of course narrative control. Countries are all building toward this same goal. They reveal aspects of their plans, as Klaus Schwab did in this video clip, stating that they want to fuse everyone’s physical, digital, and biological identities. On June 13, 2019, The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the UN signed a strategic partnership framework to expedite the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, with focus on financing the agenda, climate change, health, digital cooperation, gender equality and empowerment of women, education and skills. The digital cooperation includes meeting “the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution while seeking to advance global analysis, dialogue and standards for digital governance and digital inclusiveness.” Following this press release, 289 organizations and 27 individuals from all regions of the world, signed a letter to the United Nations Secretary General to terminate the strategic partnership agreement between the WEF and UN, calling it a form of corporate capture due to the public-private partnerships involved with WEF, who they feel have carried out activities that have caused or worsened the social and environmental crises that the planet faces, and how they are a threat to the UN, stating “This agreement between the UN and WEF formalizes a disturbing corporate capture of the UN. It moves the world dangerously towards a privatized and undemocratic global governance.” It should come as no surprise that AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Quest Diagnostics, other big pharma and bioscience, Mayo Clinic, major central banks and investment firms including BlackRock, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, countless tech companies, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Open Society Foundations, New York Times, TIME Magazine, Walmart, Amazon, Uber, UPS, Zoom, and too many organizations out of China to count, are all partners under the meeting space of the WEF, and many individuals within those organizations are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Essentially, the entire Covid gang is involved, and in big part, the only organizations that remained open during Covid lockdowns. Part 2 will cover some of the biggest implementers of the digital identity, the roles they play, and how far along they are. One thing is for certain… it’s a long ways off from being cohesive on a global scale, so people need to pay attention to the steps they are taking right now, so as not to be led into their traps, because they are rolling them out like a red carpet. WHAT? One of the most important things to understand is that what everyone is witnessing right now, is a manufactured destruction of economies on a global scale. They have intentionally crashed markets, put small businesses out of business, and stifled the housing market while buying up swaths of land. That all really happened, by their hand. Then there are the manufactured illusions in which they use their media arms to tell people we are in an inflation crisis, the supply chains have slowed down, products are hard to come by, cyber attacks are becoming a big threat, and vaccine id passports are necessary. They are orchestrating these actions and events themselves because it serves their agenda. It is not happening organically. They are intentionally trying to disrupt everyone’s psyche so people feel fear of lack, of loss, directionless, and frightened. Perpetual fear is their game. Don’t fall into that trap… it’s their biggest one. Another very important thing to recognize is that the vaccine id passports are merely one entry point into their system. They are using it to create a digital identity so that it can later merge into the overall digital identity framework, via a QR code. While they are working on this end of it, they have banks, industries, developers, and leaders, all implementing it from within their circles. They are hoping for the great merge. So what are they doing? Here it is: they are convincing people that by having a vaccine id passport, you will feel safer, get access to locations, be able to fly, all in the name of convenience, while the other arms are extending a welcoming hand to build your own digital identity because it will store all of your information in one convenient location… and the best part is that you won’t have to worry about doing your taxes anymore, because they’ll just pull it right out of your bank account and send it off to big gov. In all cases, it begins with a QR code. That single symbol, call it the mark of the beast if you will, will single-handedly link to your personal data, that will eventually reside on the Blockchain. From education to health records, finances, accounts, travel, contact info, and more, will all be linked to your QR code, along with biometrics and fingerprints, then stored on the Blockchain. There will no longer be drivers licenses or passports. Human beings will be part of the Blockchain. Every product will be on the Blockchain, and wifi products will have their own ips so they can light up the world with an astronomical smart grid of hotspots. Every vehicle will be on the Blockchain, and moved from gas to electric to autonomous. They have been building smart cities across the globe for over a decade, and most people don’t even realize their own city is already equipped and the infrastructure is well underway. This all ties into the “smart grid” surveillance system, with human beings as the main target. As the World Economic Forum likes to spin it – “You’ll own nothing… and you’ll be happy.” The QR code, Blockchain, and digital currency will all be covered in depth in part 4, along with examples of what’s already taking place in various countries, documents showing how they intend to do this, what stage they are at, and how we must not allow this to proceed forward. WHEN? 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