Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework Part 2 – A Powerhouse of Ruin

There are 76 international organizations who hold extensive immunities and privileges, in addition to the Bank for International Settlements along with 63 central banks and financial institutions that function with BIS, to create a complete control framework that operates entirely outside the law from what all other organizations must adhere to. While they all tout they are about “transparency,” that couldn’t be further from the truth. This framework began in the 1930’s, was formally established in the 1940’s, and has evolved into the most powerful globalist regime, with arms extending beyond 190 countries. Part one revealed who those organizations and banks are, the general immunities and privileges they receive, and when those immunities were given to them. These aren’t just ordinary organizations. They happen to be the prime organizations that run the new world order globalists’ agendas against humanity, and they have hundreds of NGOs working with and through them. Part two will explore the depths of which this goes, key organizations building the control grid that pull a lot of strings, treaties, contracts, and extended immunities that afford them the ability to operate as ghosts without transparency or accountability. Hold onto your seats. INSIDE THIS REPORT: A Quick Explanation of The Layers of Immunities and Privileges The Organization of American States (OAS)– A Condensed History– The Organs of OAS– OAS Immunities and Privileges– Agreements, NDAs, and Immunities Between OAS & Big Tech, and Beyond– OAS Involvement with Elections– US-Backed OAS’ New Center for Media Integrity of the Americas Co-Founded by The Washington Post– Inter-American Development Bank– Inter-American Defense Board– Funding The OAS United Nations Immunities and Privileges A Powerhouse of Ruin Listen to Corey Lynn and Edge discuss part 2 of this report in our Dig It! podcast. Full audio version of part 2: “The armies of liberation today are bringing to an end Hitler’s ghastly threat to dominate the world. Tokyo rocks under the weight of our bombs. The grand strategy of the United Nations’ war has been determined — due in no small measure to the vision of our departed Commander in Chief. We are now carrying out our part of that strategy under the able direction of Admiral Leahy, General Marshall, Admiral King, General Arnold, General Eisenhower, Admiral Nimitz and General MacArthur. I want the entire world to know that this direction must and will remain—unchanged and unhampered! ….. Within an hour after I took the oath of office, I announced that the San Francisco Conference would proceed. We will face the problems of peace with the same courage that we have faced and mastered the problems of war. It is not enough to yearn for peace. We must work, and if necessary, fight for it. The task of creating a sound international organization is complicated and difficult. Yet, without such organization, the rights of man on earth cannot be protected. Machinery for the just settlement of international differences must be found. Without such machinery, the entire world will have to remain an armed camp. The world will be doomed to deadly conflict, devoid of hope for real peace. If wars in the future are to be prevented the nations must be united in their determination to keep the peace under law. Nothing is more essential to the future peace of the world than continued cooperation of the nations which had to muster the force necessary to defeat the conspiracy of the Axis powers to dominate the world. …..I appeal to every American, regardless of party, race, creed, or color, to support our efforts to build a strong and lasting United Nations Organization. …..To destroy greedy tyrants with dreams of world domination, we cannot continue in successive generations to sacrifice our finest youth.” – A doomsday projection sales pitch by President Truman in his address before a joint session of Congress on April 16, 1945, just four days after taking office upon President Roosevelt’s death (summarized from full text) Everyone is familiar with the United Nations, who happens to hold 22 of the 76 immunities and privileges under the International Organizations Immunities Act, in addition to treaties and a headquarters agreement providing them with more layers of protection, but how many people are aware of the Organization of American States? In order to reconcile how this was all masterminded, it’s prudent that people understand the other faction that oversees the entire western hemisphere and has been in operation for over five decades prior to the establishment of the United Nations. It’s even more critical to understand the layers of protection these organizations hold, that can also be extended to individuals and organizations working with them, making them all untouchable and unaccountable. People in the U.S. seldom here about the Organization of American States (OAS), mainly because they are largely focused in Latin America and the Caribbean, but Canada, Mexico, and the United States also make up their tight knit group of 35 member states, working in conjunction with the UN, and headquartered in Washington D.C. In fact, thanks to Andrew Carnegie donating $5 million in 1910 for OAS to build their headquarters in D.C., they reside adjacent to President’s Park on 17th St. NW. Their reach is far and wide and they work with key players to move agendas forward. A Quick Explanation of The Layers of Immunities and Privileges There are multiple layers of protection through different means of immunities and privileges. To simplify, international organizations, some banks, the Bank for International Settlements and its member banks, all carry immunities and privileges that equate to that of a foreign diplomat, but many have multiple layers. Here’s what that looks like: 1) In 1945 the U.S. Congress passed the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA), which no congress has revoked since. To date, this has afforded 76 international organizations and banks unprecedented immunities, privileges, and tax exemptions that equate to that of diplomats, all given out via executive order by presidents. Many (if not all) member states of the UN and OAS have also passed similar legislation, utilizing nearly identical language, to afford the same immunities to these organizations and banks. The breakdown of the immunities through IOIA and the full list of organizations is documented in part 1 of this report. 2) Through numerous treaties, charters, internal constitutions, and agreements, the UN, OAS, BIS, and some of the other organizations have created yet another layer of immunities and privileges. These are ultimately agreed upon by member states, meaning they operate with these immunities in over 190 member states in some cases. Some of these treaties and charters are covered in part 2 of this report. 3) Each of these organizations and banks have headquarters, either based in the U.S. or another country. The government in which their headquarters resides, has a signed headquarters agreement with the organization that extends additional immunities to protect the headquarters, staff, and documents that reside within. Once again, providing another layer of protection. Some of these headquarters agreements are covered in part 2 of this report. 4) According to BIS, OAS, and the UN documents, they have the ability to extend their immunities to individuals, organizations, or banks who are working with them and providing some form of function for them. In many cases these immunities and privileges even extend to family members of staff. When considering the magnitude of this, it could potentially extend to thousands of individuals and organizations. The details of these B2B agreements are not made public since documents are all inviolable, however, there are some signed agreements with general information which do include basics about immunities. Some of those are covered in part 2 of this report. To put it in layman terms, a wealthy bunch of corrupt families got together centuries ago and plotted how they wanted to control the world. The challenge was in how they would get around constitutions, state laws and international laws so they could operate outside the system that the rest of humanity had to function within. This would afford them the ability to move like ghosts, transfer wealth, and camouflage all of their schemes with false storylines as they secured more and more control with each decade, while alleging how “transparent” they are. Getting the banking systems into place, such as the Bank for International Settlements, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank Group, and central banks was the key step in building the ghost-like infrastructure. Making sure BlackRock and Vanguard had top shareholder positions in every major corporation in order to bend and squeeze them into submission, was also a necessary evil. Their next step was to create global organizations that would have immunities and privileges allowing them to operate in the shadows, with no accountability, while helping to establish international laws and treaties for “member states” to abide by. Enter the OAS and the UN. And of course, BIS, its member banks, and over a dozen other banks through “Acts” put in place by countries, all needed immunities for cover to move funds. Next, was to give additional international organizations immunities and privileges so they could all operate together and extend those immunities to non-government organizations that could do their bidding for them. And wallah, you have yourself one hell of a secret operation running for over 100 years without people even realizing what’s really going on, while no one is being held accountable, and… where did all the money go? The Organization of American States (OAS) A Condensed History Some may have heard of the ‘Summit of The Americas’ in White House press releases, or perhaps they’ve seen them mentioned in a news bleep pertaining to another country, but the U.S. media rarely mentions the Organization of American States (OAS). Another reason why many people are unfamiliar with them is because of the name changes throughout the years. And yet, they are strategically located and critical to the New World Order 2030 Agenda. In December 1994, President Clinton convened the first Summit of The Americas since 1967. The inaugural meeting was held in Miami, FL, and the Summits have consistently convened ever since. Clinton went on to host a “Future of The Americas” meeting in order to rally leaders and governments to come together and work on their future plan. Just three months prior to Clinton kicking this off, the first BIS Board meeting, after the Federal Reserve finally purchased shares in the BIS system, kicked off the central bank system on a global scale with BIS at the helm. Here is the Constituent Charter for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the protocol regarding the immunities of BIS, the list of 63 central banks that are members of BIS, and their complete legal overview with headquarters agreements and much more. BIS was covered in part 1 of this report. According to OAS, their essential purposes are: “to strengthen peace and security in the Hemisphere; to promote and consolidate representative democracy, with due respect for the principle of nonintervention; to prevent possible causes of difficulties and to ensure peaceful settlement of disputes that may arise among the member states; to provide for common action on the part of those states in the event of aggression; to seek the solution of political, juridical, and economic problems that may arise among them; to promote, by cooperative action, their economic, social, and cultural development; and to achieve an effective limitation of conventional weapons that will make it possible to devote the largest amount of resources to the economic and social development of the member states.” OAS officially began as the International Union of American Republics in 1890 following the First International Conference of American States in Washington D.C. At that time they also created the Commercial Bureau of the American Republics as the Union’s secretariat. There were 18 Western Hemisphere nations involved, including the United States. Twenty years later, in 1910, the Commercial Bureau became the Pan American Union. It wasn’t until the charter was formalized in Bogota, Colombia in 1948, that they changed their name to the Organization of … Continue reading Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework Part 2 – A Powerhouse of Ruin